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Buddhism is one of the largest religions in the world, but it also could be considered a practical philosophy. You don’t need to convert to a new religion or make promises of any kind, you only need to learn the core teachings of the Buddha, you will be amazed at how practical they are. The Buddha is the very picture of calm and contemplation. And is this image of a calm and contemplative human being that has drawn many people to the Buddha, for centuries in Asia, and of course, in our own environment today. Do you want peace and calmness in your life? Then read further.

The Buddha attempted to solve a problem that affect all human beings, the problem of suffering. Why do we suffer? How can we overcome that pain and suffering that inexorably will be present in some point of our life? The Buddha said that he found the solution. And you don’t need to believe blindly in him, you can test his teachings in your own experience. Buddhism doesn’t ask you to have blind faith in the teachings of others, it teaches to seek wisdom and truth on your own.

The Buddha said that all in our life causes suffering. How could that be? Everything is suffering in one or more of three ways. The first kind of suffering is the obvious suffering in situations where things cause you physical or mental pain. The second kind is due to transformation or change. This means that even the most pleasurable things can cause you suffering when they begin to change and pass away. We all know that this is true. The attachment that you have in one object causes you suffering when it begins to slip away from you.

The third kind of suffering is the most difficult to understand. It is a pain that is caused due to an illusion about the nature of an object, or even about the nature of the self. This third kind of suffering takes us to one of the central teachings of the Buddha, the doctrine of not-self.

The Buddha said that nothing has a self. The easiest way to step into this concept is to understand that Buddhists are claiming that things have no permanent identity that lies from one moment to the next. To say that there is a self here is a certain kind of illusory construction that can cause us pain in certain kinds of situations. If we cling to our personality we will suffer. Everything will pass away. If we come to understand this, we will live a peaceful and calm life.

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