Ginch Gonch Men’s Underwear Philosophy: Live Like a Kid

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Ginch Gonch and Its Philosophy

There aren’t too many high-end men’s underwear brands that seem to have fun with fashion – it’s all business. However, Ginch Gonch is a much more whimsical addition to any wardrobe for a guy serious about fashion, both looks and comfort, aesthetics and functionality. In fact, the men’s underwear brand even has a philosophy on life: “Live Like a Kid”. How many companies have a philosophy? Oh sure, there are slogans, but Ginch Gonch is unique


Whimsy is usually not taken seriously. Such a fact is true even in film media, because how many comedies win awards versus the more serious dramas or what have you? The world is trying to rid clients of wanting whimsy, and that’s because all the other CEO’s aren’t living like a kid. Listen to Ginch Gonch and have some fun with your looks, be whimsical, be innovative.

In fact, Ginch Gonch is all about innovation since so few companies that take themselves seriously would never showcase ads of supposedly deplorable (in other words whimsical) tastes. One great example is an ad for Ginch Gonch men’s underwear where all the male models are chiseled, as usual, but not wearing their underwear. To be honest, they are not wearing any underwear at all-the models are naked. Strategically positioned, the models’ family jewels are hidden from any viewer. Here’s the whimsy, they are all eating hot dogs. So, there’s a lot of innuendo. the company certainly understands what they are selling-underwear, a low brow product already, and so there’s no point in hiding that fact. Instead, Ginch Gonch embraces how embarrassing it is to buy underwear, so why not have some fun with it, and live like a kid?

The company is not just innovative in its public relations, but, of course, in its men’s underwear itself. As you’re probably aware, Ginch Gonch is all about fun, and so are its designs. What sets their products apart from other brands that can also be described as having bright and vivid designs is that Ginch Gonch products are always up to date. In fact, every season, there are new products out-that’s right, the underwear rotate according to the season, and have corresponding colors and designs appropriate to that season’s theme, be it spring, winter, summer, fall, or maybe those times in between. In other words, their underwear is perfect all year long, rather than some companies that only come out with new cuts and designs once or twice a year.


So we’ve covered looks-what about feel? Ginch Gonch may be known more for its aesthetics, but comfort is no enemy to the company. Like other successful high end brands, microfiber is used within the underwear lines, which creates a feel of pure comfort. Moreover, microfiber is stretchy enough for you to move about with liberty, but, at the same time, stay on you and not slip into some weird wedgie-unless it’s a thong, then that wedgie feeling means it’s working.

Another factor that sets them apart from other supposedly comfortable men’s underwear is the pouch, because Ginch Gonch pouches are much looser. A pouch that is overly snug is never a great feeling-sure it’s tight, but it’s tight “down there.” Nothing near the family jewels should be constricting, and that’s why they loosened theirs up, not just with its motto on life, but through loose designs that are bright, vivid, colorful, and fun and, on a literal level, the pouches. All in all, Ginch Gonch men’s underwear is hanging loose. If you don’t want an uptight pair of men’s underwear, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t purchase a great pair of underwear, and feel like a kid again.

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