Sales Philosophy – What You Believe Determines How Well You Sell

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I have a simple sales philosophy: provide value first and make a friend at all costs. Now, what’s YOURS? Do you believe every word of it? You should, if you want to be a great salesperson.

EVERY salesperson should have a sales philosophy that they firmly believe in.

It represents your values and defines who you are as a company and as a salesperson. It also affects how you approach your customers and how effective you are at making the sale. “I think I already have a sales philosophy…” You may think you have a good sales philosophy, but chances are it needs improvement. Does it accurately represent YOU? Is it as effective as you think it is? In reality, you probably fall into one of these two categories: A. You’ve been trained to follow some silly, scripted sales process you barely believe in, and may even hate. B. You’ve been in sales for what you consider to be a long time and have your “own way” of selling.

A: The Scripted Sales Philosophy

This usually happens to the newest of salespeople. They join the team, get a few scripts and are told to “go get ’em!” Let them get their teeth kicked in a few times, they’ll learn. Is that really the best way to train someone in sales? Well, there is something to be said for failing your way to success, but you’re disheartening and devaluing your recent sales investment-your new hires. There are very few times when a verbatim script will actively engage another human being, whether it’s a cold call over the phone or in person. People buy from people, not a phony sales script. When your sales philosophy, or the one you are forced to swallow, doesn’t match what you believe deep in your heart, you will NOT be a successful salesperson.

B: The Dated Sales Philosophy

So, you’ve been in sales for a long time and have grown accustomed to your own way of doing things, but is your method still working? Or has it gathered dust and lost its meaning, edge and effectiveness? Maybe you’re stuck in your habits, or perhaps you’re anxious about trying something completely new. Whatever your reason for sticking with this method, it’s time to realize that this reality won’t bring you the sales results that you want. Your numbers could be better if you let go of your excuses and old ways. Start with a new sales philosophy!

How do I develop a sales philosophy?

The key to developing a great sales philosophy depends on you and your individual values. The most important thing about is that you make sure it is completely YOURS. First, however, you must identify your company’s unique sales philosophy: what it wants its customers to think about the company, the products and the people. Then you need to consider what YOUR personal sales philosophy is. What YOU want your customers to think about you, the products you have chosen to represent, and the company you have chosen to work for. There will often be some discrepancies between these two philosophies, but learning to work your own personal sales philosophy within your company is the key to success. Using a sales philosophy that is not in line with your own values will only leave you frustrated with lackluster results.

So stop using trained scripts and old habits that no longer represent you and what you have to offer as a salesperson! Identifying your unique sales philosophy and harnessing the power of its authenticity will give you the enthusiasm to achieve the results you desire! Your customers will see your self-confidence and trust coming to you for their needs. If you truly believe in your sales philosophy, your company and your product, they will, too!


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