Texas Hold’em Flop Philosophy

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We can evaluate our hand by following groups:

1. Strong hand – these cards are the combination of cards that we can always consider ourselves winners with. These are mostly flushes, straights, two pairs. Of course, there are exceptions.

2. Marginal hand – this hand is strong enough and can become the strongest hand at the showdown. Having this cards, as a rule, before we bet all-in, we have to consider the following: is it possible our opponents to have not that strong hands and nevertheless risk to bet all-in. If it is not, as a rule. We either win the small pot when our opponent folds or lose the big pot when our opponent calls. These hands usually contain two pairs with top kickers or we have one pair and in order to make three of a kind, we have one of the community cards open.

3. Low hand – these are hands with almost zero odds to win at the showdown. Mostly these are two pairs as well as two pairs with top kickers when the flop is dangerous.

4. Draw combinations – these are hands with no odds during the flop but can become winning after the turn and the river.

5. Garbage -with these cards we have no real odds at all.

In case our hand is from Group 1, we aim to make a big pot. In other words, we have to attack no matter how many opponents we have and what is our position. The other possibility is to call or raise but then it will be difficult to make a big pot. Our strategy should be aggressive.

In case our hand is from Group 3, our aim is to lose less. If we have one opponent, we usually attack during the flop. With two opponents our decision depends on the Flop and our position. With three opponents it is preferable to check or fold.

In case our hand is from Group 4 and in the pre-flop we already attacked, it is better to attack during the Fop or even bet or raise, especially if we have strong (eleven or more outs) drew combinations.

In case our hand is from Group 5, the best action is to check or fold.

The most complicated situation is when our hand is from Group 2. When having one opponent, we always continue the attack. With three opponents and dangerous Flop you have to be ready to fold after your opponents counter-attack. It is considered mistake to play all-in with these hands when during the pre-flop one or more opponents answer our raise. With two opponents we always attack during the flop if we attacked during pre-flop but after that we have to be very careful. If you are convinced that most of your opponent hands are low, then definitely you should play aggressively.

This game is a combination of skill and knowledge and not everyone is good at it.


Source by Eli Demirova Rizova

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