Why I Value A Charlotte Mason Philosophy

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Charlotte Mason predominantly believed in the over-all ‘training’ of a child, educating the whole child, and how to positively parent children. However, the main goal that she desired to accomplish…is to never stray far from spiritual matters. This is what gave her method its life, hope and purpose. Miss Mason taught us that we, as educators of our children, need to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading in all the we do, say, hear and teach. Charlotte Mason once said that “such a recognition of the work of the Holy Spirit as the educator of mankind, in things intellectual as well as things moral and spiritual, gives us new thoughts of God, new hopes of Heaven, a sense of harmony in our efforts and of acceptance of all that we are.”

Charlotte Mason lived in a time during the late 1800s when children were not really considered as ‘whole persons.” Children were more accepted if they were seen, but not heard. They were taught to speak only when spoken to. They had no more rights than a stray dog might have. Poor children were considered an even lower class than that.

I believe that this was very saddening to her. Miss Mason believed that children were special, real people, with their own thoughts and feelings, and whom were worthy of being heard from. She herself desired to hear what those thoughts might be. To teach them that there is indeed a living God who made them. That this living God does not consider them to be worthless mistakes.

This is what motivated Charlotte Mason to be the person she desired and succeeded in being. Her passion for the Lord, life, and children. This is what prompted the philosophy that she strived for during her lifetime. What better reason to base your philosophy of education on, than this?

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