Short Story books for kids aged 6-7 years ( Bengali Combo )

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Short Story books for kids aged 6-7 years ( Bengali Combo )

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Short Story books for kids aged 6-7 years ( Bengali Combo )
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Sahaasi Hiran : Lions are fearsome hunters but they become weak and weary when they get old. A hungry old lion is trying to trick a deer and eat it. The deer steps into the cave, within the lion’s reach. Will the deer be able to save itself from being hunted? Read and find out! Hoshiyaar Tota : A parrot is a talented bird as it can imitate the voices of other animals. How does a parrot use this talent to save some helpless chicks from being eaten by a snake? Check out our animated flipbooks! Age group: For young learners, short stories are a key to learning a language they are not familiar with. The multilingual storybook series includes books for kids that are presented by Eduvate. These books are meant for children aged 5-6 years but can be read till the age of 10 years. Some of the short stories are based on panchatantra, jataka tales etc. __ Illustrations: Each page contains a colourful illustration, making the short stories more engaging for kids. Parents can ask the child to observe the pictures and predict what will happen next. Kids can describe what they see in the picture and build a conversation around it. __ Reading Habit Development: This storybook helps build a habit for reading among children in this age group. A regular reading habit is essential in learning a language. __Animations and videos to aid listening: Sufficient listening exposure is essential for learning any language. These storybooks can also be a great help for a child whose parents have moved and settled in a new city. In such cases, the storybook will assist the child in learning the regional language that is being taught at school. Each storybook comes with four QR codes which can be scanned to access animated versions of the story in three languages. There is also a QR code for a flip book video where each page is shown on the screen. The pages are then read aloud in Hindi, English and Bengali. Storytelling creates a habit of listening among kids.

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