Vedic Ganit: The Original Vedic Mathematics in Hindi

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Vedic Ganit: The Original Vedic Mathematics in Hindi

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Vedic Ganit: The Original Vedic Mathematics in Hindi
Language: English  Hindi  Bengali
Pages: 235
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Written by Bharati Krishna Tirthaji, one of the highest-ranked clerics of the Hindu religion, Vedic Ganit: The Original Vedic Mathematics in Hindi is a book that is based on the Vedas. Explaining various techniques of the mental calculation system, the book is focused on the concept of Vedic Maths as a subject.

The techniques of Vedic Maths have been propagated by Tirthaji since the beginning of the 1950’s with the help of classes as well as lectures. The book retains typescripts that were written by him and has seen many reprints ever since the 1990s.

Being a series of ancient Hindu Book with sacred value, the Vedas have to be studied deeply in order to find the sutras they conceal. The sutras are sixteen in total and occur in the Parishishta in any order. These are contained in the Vedic Ganit: The Original Vedic Mathematics, with each of the sixteen sutras representing and detailing a specific technique for mental calculation.

The book makes use of three-word phrases from the Sanskrit language to form an association with the elements of arithmetic. According to the author, the sutras mentioned in the book bear relevance to advanced techniques from mathematics like analytical conics and successive differentiation.

Additionally, all parts of pure as well as applied mathematics are handled by the sutras and this is well illustrated in the book. This is the first edition of Vedic Ganit: The Original Vedic Mathematics in Hindi, which was published in 2010 in paperback.

Key Features:

  • This is the first edition of the original work by Bharati Krishna Tirthaji, which has been edited by Vasudeva Saran Agarwala.
  • The book mentions several techniques for mental calculation in Mathematics that have been derived from 16 sutras in the Hindu sacred Book of the Vedas.
  • Many techniques featured in the book make use of decimal fractions as well.

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