Vigyan for Class – 8 (Hindi)- 855


Vigyan for Class – 8 (Hindi)- 855


Vigyan for Class – 8 (Hindi)- 855
Language: English  Hindi  Bengali
Pages: 235
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Dimensions : 8.00 X 5.00 inch
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Country of Origin: India
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Published by NCERT, this science textbook is an ideal choice for the students of Class 8 to learn about the fundamental concepts of science. They will get to know about new topics like light, sound, friction cell, crop production and management. Besides, it covers all the chapters that have been strictly laid out by the Central Board of Secondary Education.

Table of Contents

• Chapter 1

Crop Production And Management

• Chapter 2

Microorganisms: Friend And Foe

• Chapter 3

Synthetic Fibres And Plastics

• Chapter 4

Materials: Metals And Non-Metals

• Chapter 5

Coal And Petroleum

• Chapter 6

Combustion And Flame

• Chapter 7

Conservation Of Plants And Animals

• Chapter 8

Cell — Structure And Functions

• Chapter 9

Reproduction In Animals

• Chapter 10

Reaching The Age Of Adolescence

• Chapter 11

Force And Pressure

• Chapter 12


• Chapter 13


• Chapter 14

Chemical Effects Of Electric Current

• Chapter 15

Some Natural Phenomena

• Chapter 16


• Chapter 17

Stars And The Solar System

• Chapter 18

Pollution Of Air And Water

• Index

Salient Features of the Textbook

• Each chapter is well-covered and has been divided into several subsections, making the learning process easy.

• Detailed illustrations, tabular representations of data and labelled diagrams help the students grasp the concept quickly.

• Contains exercises at the end of every chapter that help the students to sharpen their knowledge base.

• ‘What have you learnt’ section helps the pupils to recap of the important points that they have studied in the chapter.

• Activity section is for helping the students to have a better understanding of the concept.


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