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A book about pictures : intended for the young

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A book about pictures : intended for the young
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A book about pictures : intended for the young

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Author: Templeton, Thomas, Religious Tract Society (Great Britain)

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Language: eng

Subjects: Illustrated books -- Juvenile literature, Illustrated books, Pictures, Engraving, Christian life

Publishers: London : Religious Tract Society

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Year: 1842

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A book about pictures : intended for the young

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A book about pictures : intended for the young

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CONTENTS. INTRODUCTION. Pages 7—14. CHAPTER I. The picture show. Pages 15 — 23 CHAPTER II. PICTU RE-WRIT1NG. Mr. Fairbank's parlour — A picture-book for the young wanted — Definition of a picture — Picture-writing of the Mexicans and North Americans — Curious picture letter — Blunder of an illiterate man — Egyptian hieroglyphics — Specimen of hieroglyphics — Chinese picture characters — The alphabet 24—43 CHAPTER III. PICTURES ON SEALS AND COINS. Seal rings — Form of ancient seals — Amulets and talismans — idolatrous figures on seals — Babylonian signets — Medals and coins — Money — Earliest coins — Persian darics — Earliest Jewish coins — Roman coins — Phenician coins — Popish medals — Scripture illustrated by ancient coins — The fall of man and the first promise of the Saviour — Serpent worship — Medals, coins, and traditions referring to the flood — Historic value of ancient seals and coins — Mr. Jenkins' three proposals 44 — 64 CHAPTER IV. PICTURES ON ANCIENT MONUMENTS. Early use of monuments — Obelisks of Egypt — Egyptian pictures — Perspective — Pictures in Egyptian tombs — Brick-making in Egypt — Canaanitish pictures — Chambers of imagery — Explanation of Scripture texts referring to pictures — Picture of Rehoboam— Arch of Titus — Eastern captives — Chrishua 65 — 80. CHAPTER V. MAPS. Definition of a map — Map in the time of Joshua — Geography in early tirces — Copper map — Biblical Atlas — Geography of the Bible — Knowledge of places mentioned in the Bible — Use and advantage of maps 81 — 91. CHAPTER VI. PICTURES ON ANCIENT MANUSCRIPTS. Egyptian papyrus manuscript — Ancient writing materials — Illuminations — Ancient manuscripts of the Bible — Fac-simile of part of a page — Copyists of the Scriptures-popish copyists and illuminators — Pictures "on walls of churches and wearing apparel — Pictured Dutch tiles 92 — 104 CHAPTER VII. THE PROGRESS OF ENGRAVING. PART I. Ancient engraving — Babylonian bricks — Engraving among the Jews — on ancient armour, coins, and jewellery — Monumental brasses — Chinese mode of printing — The earliest wood-cut — Block books — The Biblla Pauperum — copy and description of one of the pages — High price of manuscript Bibles — Invention of printing — Wooden and metal types 105—128 CHAPTER VIII. the PROGRESS OF ENGRAV1NG. PART II. Engraving on copper — Fineguerra's engravings — His discovery of the mode of taking impressions — Albert Durer — Pictures in early English books — William C ax ton — Tindal's New Testament — Hans Holbein — Cranmer's Catechism — Coverdale's Bible — Early copper-plate engraving in England — Foxe's Book of Martyrs — John Day — Thomas Bewick — Engravings on steel — Process of copper-plate engraving — Process of wood engraving — Metal casts from wood-cuts — Books for heathen children 128 — 140 CHAPTER IX. SKETCHES FROM NATURE. Fall of snow — A mischievous boy — Walk in winter — Country scenery in winter — Advantages of sketching from nature — Hoar-frost and snow — Crystals of snow — Beauty in God's works — God is good and kind 141 — 156 CHAPTER X. THE CHILDREN'S TREAT. The young people at Bankside — The school — Assembling of the children — Tea — Pictures — Musical box — Magic lantern — Royal family — Use and abuse of pictures — Pictures of the mind 156—168 CHAPTER XI. A PICTURE FOR THE YOUNG. Different kinds of pictures — Christ blessing the children — The banks of the Jordan — The Saviour — The Pharisees, disciples, mothers, and children — Condescension of Christ — He permits and invites the young to come to him — The anthem — The walk home 168 — 180 CHAPTER XII. CONCLUSION. Mr. Fairbank's letter — Picture-writing — The a b c — Pictures on seals, coins, and monuments — Maps — Manuscripts — Pictures in ancient Tapestry — Engraving — Sketching pictures, and beauties of creation — Use and abuse of pictures — The imagination — Figurative language of the Bible — Fancy pictures of past scenes and events — God created the first man in his own image — The likeness of man to God lost at the fall — Believers will finally be conformed to the image of Christ — Thomas Theton's parting words to the reader — Old Testament types and prophecies — Scripture metaphors representing the day of judgment, heaven, and hell 181 — 186 Digitized by Google.
A work on the visual arts and Christian life couched in the framework of a conversation of a father with his children
Author's name from introduction, p. 8

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