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A Russo-Chinese Empire

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A Russo-Chinese Empire
Original Title A Russo-Chinese Empire
Author Ular Alexander, 1876-1919
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Topics Russian Empire, China, Russo-Chinese relations, Russian-Chinese relations, Russian history, Chinese history, state bureaucracy
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Westminster: Archibald Constable &amp, Co Ltd., 1904. — 354 p.The contents of this book divide themselves under two main headings, a description of Chinese civilization, defending the Chinese against Western contempt, and an account of the processes by which the small oligarchy, who really direct the policy of Russia, have been able to annex for all practical purposes Mongolia and Manchuria with the ulterior aim of incorporating at least the north of China in the Russian Empire. In both branches of his inquiry, the author presents facts that have hitherto escaped the notice of Western Europe and also presents known facts in a new light.ContentsTranslator’s PrefaceIntroductionOrigin and Development of Russo-Chinese Relations up to the Treaty of Aigoun (1860)Economic Character of Russian ExpansionCause of the Russo-Chinese IntimacyThe Principles of Chinese CivilizationXenophobia in ChinaBasis and Difficulties of Trade between China and the WestCriminal Exploitation of the Extra-Territorial Privilege by Western CommerceThe Christian Missions as Religious AgentsThe Christian Missions as Agents of European CommerceTwo Documents upon the Action of the MissionsThe Russian Instrument in ChinaThe Situation of the Manchu Dynasty in Relation to the ClergyCommon Interests of the Czar and the Dalai-Lama in relation to ChinaThe Constellation of the Powers in the Far East Before 1900Russian Diplomatic Action in China since the Sino-Japanese WarPolitical Importance of the Concession to Exploit GoldThe Nationalist Movement in ChinaIntervention of the Buddhist Clergy in the MovementCapture of the Movement by the DynastyRussia Saves the Dynasty at the Last ExtremityThe Horrors of War Attributed to the GermansThe Annexation of ManchuriaThe Annexation of MongoliaThe Protectorate of ThibetWestern and Russian Plans in AsiaThe Chinese as Individuals and as a Nation
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