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A Textbook Of Marxist Philosophy

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A Textbook Of Marxist Philosophy
Original Title A Textbook Of Marxist Philosophy
Author Shirokov, Mikhail
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Topics Soviet Marxism, Stalinism, philosophy, negation of the negation, unity and strife of the opposites, transition of quantity into quality, dialectics, Marxism-Leninism
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Translated by A. C. Moseley. — Ed. by John Lewis. — London: Victor Gollancz Limited, 1937. — 400 p.ContentsPrefaceIntroductionHistoricalThe Conflict between Idealism and MaterialismDialectic as a Theory of KnowledgeMoments of Knowledge of ActualityThe Doctrine of TruthUnity and the strife of oppositesThe Law of the Unity and Conflict of OppositesThe Division of Unity, the Disclosure of Essential OppositesMutual Penetration of OppositesAnalysis of the Movement of the Contradiction of a process from its Beginning to its EndThe Relativity of the Unity of Opposites and the Absoluteness of their ConflictTheory of EquilibriumThe law of the transition of quantity into qualityFrom NaĂŻve Dialectic to the Metaphysic of PropertiesFrom the Metaphysic of Properties to the Metaphysic of RelationsQuality and the Self Movement of MatterThe Relativity of Qualities and the Universal Connection of ThingsThe Dialectic of Quality and PropertyThe Transition of Quantity into Quality Contradiction and the Evolutionary LeapThe Dialectic of the “Leap”The Transition of Quality into QuantityThe Problem of “Levelling Down”The Nodal Line of MeasurementsThe negation of the negationThe law of the negation of the negationIndex of proper names and detail index to Engels, Hegel, Lenin, Marx, Plekhanov, Stalin
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