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A treatise on auricular confession : dogmatical, historical, &amp, practical

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A treatise on auricular confession : dogmatical, historical, &amp, practical
Original Title A treatise on auricular confession : dogmatical, historical, &amp, practical
Author Melia, Raphael, 1805-1876
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Topics Confession
Publisher Dublin : J. Duffy
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CONTENTS.IntroductionTHE FIRST AND THEORETICAL PART OF CONFESSION.CHAPTER I.Antiquity and Universality of Confession 1Section I. — The Voice of Human Nature calls for the Confession of Sin 1Section II. — Confession typified or prefigured among the first Believers under the Law of Nature, previous to the Law of Moses 6Section III. — Confession traced and commanded by God in the Mosaic Law 8Section IV. — The belief in the necessity of Confession, and the practice of it, among Pagan nations 13CHAPTER II.Institution of the Sacrament of Penance in the Law of Grace 16Section I. — Jesus Christ is the Institutor of this Sacrament 18Section II. — By Christ’s ordinance, there is no other ordinary way in Christianity for the remission of sins than Sacramental Confession 29Section III. — Protestant evidences of the same truth 32CHAPTER III.The Divine Institution of Confession acknowledged by Christians of all persuasions, and the Practice thereof maintained among the same in all ages of the church 42Section I. — The Divine Institution of the Sacrament of Penance, proved by the practice of it at the time of the Apostles 42Section II. — The same Divine Institution and practice witnessed by the Fathers of the Church 44Section III. — General and Particular Councils of the Church bear witness of the same 47Section IV. — Penitential Canons witness the same 51Section V. — The same is proved by History 52Section VI. — The same is stated by Schismatic and Protestant Sects 61Section VII. — The practice of Confession approved by Infidel Philosophers and others alien from the Catholic Faith 74Section VIII. — Confession practised at the point of death by many of the Infidel Philosophers 77Section IX. — Of other Infidel Philosophers who, at the hour of death, desired to make their Confession, bnt could not obtain such a benefit 91Section X. — Of celebrated Statesmen and Warriors, who, at the point of death, returned to God by means of Sacramental Confession 95CHAPTER IV. The Benefits, both Spiritual and Temporal, Individual and Social, derivable from Confession, show its importance, and solicit its practice 109 CHAPTER V. Objections against Confession answered 122Objection I. — The priest who hears Sacramental Confessions may disclose what has been con- fided to him 122Objection IL — The confessor is angry with, and scolds me 132Objection III. — By confessing certain sins, I shall lose the good opinion of my confessor 134Objection IV. — I am ashamed to confess certain sins 135Objection V. — The confessor is toourigorous and exacting 139Objection VI. — It is too hard and humbling to kneel before a man 141Objection VII. — I make my confession to God, and this is enough 143Objection VIII. — Confession is not of divine right, because it was introduced in the thirteenth century 145Objection IX. — Confession, though practised in the old Church, was abrogated by Nectarius, Archbishop of Constantinople, in the year 390 146Objection X. — The Sacrament of Penance is an inducement to sin 148THE SECOND AND PRACTICAL PART OF CONFESSION.CHAPTER I.On the Examination of Conscience 152CHAPTER II.On Sorrow for Sin 170Section I. — Necessity of Sorrow 171Section II. — Interior Sorrow 172Section III. — Supernatural Sorrow 176Section IV. — Supreme Sorrow 198Section V. — Universal Sorrow 203CHAPTER III.On the Resolution not to sin again 206I. — Firm Resolution 207II. — Universal Resolution 208III. — Efficacious Resolution 211CHAPTER IV.On the Accusation of Sins 223I. — Humble Accusation 223II. — Simple Accusation 227III. — Sincere and Full Accusation 229CHAPTER V.On Satisfaction, or Penance for Sins confessed 246 Digitized by Google.
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