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A Voyage to Abyssinia and Travels into the Interior of That Country

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A Voyage to Abyssinia and Travels into the Interior of That Country
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A Voyage to Abyssinia and Travels into the Interior of That Country

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Author: Salt, Henry Stephens, 1851-1939

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Subjects: Ethiopian historical geography, Ethiopian history, Abyssinia, Africa, travelogues

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A Voyage to Abyssinia and Travels into the Interior of That Country

April 7, 2022

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A Voyage to Abyssinia and Travels into the Interior of That Country

April 7, 2022

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A Voyage to Abyssinia and Travels into the Interior of That Country
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A Voyage to Abyssinia and Travels into the Interior of That Country
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A Voyage to Abyssinia and Travels into the Interior of That Country
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A Voyage to Abyssinia and Travels into the Interior of That Country
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A Voyage to Abyssinia and Travels into the Interior of That Country
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A Voyage to Abyssinia and Travels into the Interior of That Country
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A Voyage to Abyssinia and Travels into the Interior of That Country
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London: printed for F. C. and J. Rivington by W. Bulmer and Co., 1814. — 629 p.
A Voyage to Abyssinia, and Travels into the Interior of That Country, Executed under the Orders of the British Government, in the Years 1809 and 1810; in Which Are Included, an Account of the Portuguese Settlements on the East Coast of Africa, Visited in the Course of the Voyage; a Concise Narrative of Late Events in Arabia Felix; and Some Particulars Respecting the Aboriginal African Tribes, Extending from Mosambique to the Borders of Egypt; Together with Vocabularies of Their Respective Languages. Illustrated with a Map of Abyssinia, Numerous Engravings, and Charts.

Departure from England
Arrival at Madeira
Passage thence to the Cape of Good Hope
Brief Account of the Society in that Settlement
Improvements introduced into the Colony by the English
Mr. Cowan’s Mission into the Interior
Accident which occurred to detain the Ship
Convoy granted
Remarks in the Mosambique Channel
Excursion in search of Sofala
Arrival at the Island of Mosambique
Reception there by the Portuguese Governor
Its Harhrur, Forts, means of defence, &c.
Enquiries after Mr. Cowan’s party
Visit to Mesitril on the Continent
Excursions from that Place
Description of the Monjou
Remarks relative to the Exportation of Slaves
Fidelity of the native Troops
Ferocity of the Makooa; their Incursions into the Peninsula of Cabaceiro
Dress, Manners, Habits, &c.
Some Account of the Tribes adjacent to Mosambique in Friendship with the Portuguese
Description of Mcsuril and its Environs
Manners of the Planters
Peninsula of Cabaceiro
Variety of Sea Productions on the Coast
Return to Mosambique
Historical Account of the Mosambique Settlements
Ignorance of ancient Geographers respecting the Coast
Early Account of it by an Arabian author
Subjection and expulsion of the original Settlers, and establishment of the power of the Portuguese
Their attempts to subdue the Interior baffled by the prudence and vigilance of the Natives
Attack upon these Settlements in 1589 by the Muzimbo, (Mipposed to be Galla)
Failure of every effort to convert the Natives to the Catholic Faith. Description of the present state of the Settlements on the River Zambezi
Quilimanei, Tete—Sena, Manica, and the Gold Mines
Mode of carrying on Trade with the Natives in the Interior
Jurisdiction of the Portuguese along the Coast
The former-supposed importance of these Settlements
Their gradually decreasing consequence
Their present degraded State. The discouraging prospect from their external connections
An Account of the Marati or Pirates of Madagascar
The uncommon ferocity of this People
Its Excursions against the Comoro and Qucriinbo Islands
Consequences of the English abolition of the Slave Trade on the Commerce of Mosambique
Its present Trade, &c.
Departure of the Marian for the Red Sea
Voyage along the Coast
Account of the Islands of Zanzehar and Pemba
Sterile and uniform appearance of the Coast above Mugdasho
Soundings to the southward of Cape Bassas
Description of the Capes D'Orfui and Gardafui
Excursion on Shore near Somauli Point
Remarks relative to this Voyage, as applied to the Theory respecting Ophir by Mr. Bruce. Arrival at Aden
Observations respecting that Place, its Ruins, ancient Towers, Aqueduct, &c.
Plan to render Back Bay safe against an Enemy
Journey to Lahadj
Interview with the Sultan of the Country
Description of his Territory, and Character of its Inhabitants
Return to Aden. Singular Effects of the Atmosphere produced by Refraction
Character of the Banians
Voyage from Aden to Mocha
Residence at the Factory
Abstract of occurrences in Yemen since 1805
Preparations for Abyssinian Journey—Deputation of Mr. Stuart, in the Service of the African Association, to Zeyla, with the intention that he should proceed to Hurrur and Efat
Departure from Mocha for the Abyssinian Coast
Voyage across the Red Sea from Mocha
Anchorage at Rackmah
Proceedings at Aytli
Continuance of Voyage to Amphila
Intelligence received there
Failure of an attempt to communicate with Abyssinia by a messenger I had sent from Mocha
Atrocious conduct of the Nayib and Aga of Massowa
Letter sent by these Chieftains to the Danakil Tribes
Its Effects
Conference with Alli Manda, a young Chief of the Tribe of Dumhoeta
His Departure with letters for the Ras Welled Selasse. Discovery of a secure Harbour in Amphila Bay
Communications with Alli Gov&a, and other men of consequence on the Coast
Return of Alli Manda
Letters from Mr. Pearce
Resolutions in consequence
Conference with the principal men of the Tribes
Arrival of a messenger from Massowa
Determination to proceed to that Place
Second Dispatch to Abyssinia. Description of the Bay of Amphila of the Coast
Manners, Dress, and Customs of the Tribes who inhabit it
Departure from Amphila
Observations respecting the Coast northward of Amphila
Sarbo—Bay of Howakil
Island of the same name
Communication with its inhabitants, &c.
Excursion to Arena
Discovery of the Opsian Stone
Visit to the Island of Buckah
Anchorage at Adjuice
Voyage to Massowa
Remarkable appearance in the Sea
Its cause
Dangerous Shoal near Valentia Island
Arrival at Massowa
Abyssinian party sent down by the Ras
Account of Mr. Coffin’s journey from Amphila to Chelicut
General remarks respecting it
Interview with the Kaimakan
Alarming appearance of a fleet of dows from Jidda
Visit from Mahomed Jelani
Preparations for our journey into the Interior
Departure from Massowa
Stay at Arkeeko
Character of its Inhabitants. Departure from it
Journey from the Coast
Arrival at Wdah
At Hamhammo
Description of Shum Hummar, a chief of the Hazorta
Encampment at Leila
Dance of the Hazorta
Dangerous point of the road called Assuba
Singular scene which occurred there
Arrival at the bottom of Taranta
Reasons for preferring the road by Dixan
Unpleasant dispute between the Hazorta and our Abyssinian attendants
Description of a curious scene which ensued
Ascent of Taranta
Views from its summit
Change of seasons
Arrival at Dixan
Friendly conduct of the Baharnegash Yasous
Short description of the Town and its inhabitants
Departure thence
Plain of Zarai
Village of Ambakauko
Murder of one of our attendants
Proceedings thereupon
March to Abha
Inhospitable reception given us by the Baharnegash Subhart
His character
Alarming scene at Logo Sereuiai
Description of Baharnegash Arkoe and followers
Arrival at Legote
Remarks respecting the mountain of Devra Damo
River Angueah
Mansion of Ayto Nobilis near Adowa
Visit to Ozoro Asquall
Journey to Mugga
Rude behaviour of the inhabitants of Mugga
Descent to Gibba
Description of the Sanga or Galla oxen
Departure from Gibba
Arrival at Chelicut
Kind reception given us by the Ras
Impossibility of proceeding to Gondar
Delivery of His Majesty’s Letter and Presents
Their Effects on the minds of the People. Precarious situation of affairs in Abyssinia
Mr. Pearce’s Narrative of occurrences during his stay in the Country
The neglect he met with after my departure
His conduct during the Rebellion at Adowa
Return to Antalo
Quarrel with the Ras
Determination to advance into the Interior
Journey to Lasta
Description of Wojjerat
Tribes, called Doba
Assubo Galla, under Welled Shabo
Lake Ashangce
Mountains of Lasta
Visit to the Sources of the Tacazzc
Determination to proceed to Samen
Journey along the Banks of the Tacazze
Description of the Agows
Ascent of the mountains of Samen
Arrival at Inchetkaub
Interview with Ras Gabriel, the Governor of the Province
Mr. Pearce attacked by ophthalmia
Unfortunate loss of his papers, &c.
Return to the Ras
Reception at Antalo
Departure with the Ras’s army against the Galla
Retreat of Gojee, their chief
Progress of the army through Lasta
Desperate Battle with the Galla in the Plains of Maizella
Victory gained over them
Brave conduct of Mr. Pearce- Advance of the army into the Plains of the Edjow
Excursions of the Worari, (or plunderers)
A barbarous practice among them, witnessed by Mr. Pearce
Interview ofthe Ras with a chief called Liban
Visit to Jummada Mariam
Return to Antalo
Mr. Pearce rises in favour with the Ras
Campaign of 1808, against some rebellious Districts
Singular forbearance of an enemy
Advance of the Army into Hamazcn
Hunting of the elephant
Return to Adowa
Arrival of letters from Captain Rudland at Mocha
Mr. Pearce’s Journey to the Coast
Transactions during a month’s stay at Madir
Numerous difficulties and dangers which Mr. Pearce encountered
His Return to Antalo
His situation on my arrival
Character of the Ras
Short sketch of his Life
Mode of spending our time at Chelicut
Some account of Kasimaj Yasous, and his sister Ozoro Mantwab
Recollections respecting Mr. Bruce in Abyssinia, by a learned man named Dofter Esther
General remarks respecting that traveller
Journey to the Tacazze
Some account of Chelika Negusta
Character of Gnebra Mehedin
Province of Avergale
Description of the Agows
Views of the mountains of Samen
Wild plains abounding in game
River Arequa
Change of climate and scenery as the party continues to descend
Arrival at the Tacazze
Shooting of the hippopotamus
Extraordinary dread ofthe Crocodile entertained by the Abyssinians
Return to Chelicut
Visit from the Ras
Conference held with him
Removal to Antalo
Abyssinian horsemanship
Conclusion of Lent
Feast on the following day
Amusements of the Abyssinians
Short account of the Shangalla
Parting from the Ras, on our return to Chelicut
Arrival at Chelicut
Baptism of a Musselmaun boy
Manner of administering the holy communion
Visit from the high priest
Latitude and longitude of Chelicut ascertained
Departure from that place
Some account of the Ras’s chief painter, and remarks respecting Abyssinian art
Visit to the chief of Giralta
Pass of Atbara
Arrival at Abba Tsama
Character of Palambaras Toclu
Journey to Adowa
Excursion to Axum
Description of its ruins
Ethiopic inscription
Revise of the Greek inscription which I discovered in my former travels
A few general remarks relating to it
Return to Adowa
Diseases prevalent in Abyssinia
Funerals of the natives
Description of the Toscar
Trade and consequence of Adowa
Journey to the Coast
Remains of a monastery at Abba Asfe, near the river Mareb
Part of an ancient Ethiopic inscription found there
Journey to Dixan
Account of some travellers from Darfoor
Descent of the mountain Assauli
Parting with the Bahamegash Yasous
Arrival at Massowa
Events which occurred at that place
Its trade
Some particulars respecting the ancient city of Adulis
Departure for Mocha
Safe arrival at that place
Some account of the ancient history of Abyssinia
Its Inhabitants descended from aboriginal Tribes of Ethiopians
Their Conversion to Christianity
Conquest of Yemen by the Emperor Ameda
List of the Sovereigns who have reigned in Abyssinia
Attempts of the Portuguese to introduce the Roman Catholic religion
Their failure
Notice of the different travellers who have since visited the country
Its present State
Concluding Remarks
Departure from Mocha
Storm in the neighbourhood of Socotra
Arrival at Bombay
Departure thence, and return to England.
Vocabularies of the Dialects spoken by different tribes of the Natives inhabiting the Coast of Africa, from Mosambiquc to the borders of Egypt, with a few others spoken in the Interior of that Continent
Directions for entering Mosambiquc Harbour
A short Account of a Voyage made into Ethiopia, by Father Remedio of Bohemia, Martino of Bohemia, and Antonio of Aleppo, of the Order of “Minori Reformati” of St. Francis, and “Missionaries of the Society for propagating the Faith,” in Egypt
Zoology, &c. of Abyssinia
Translation of the Accounts given by Ibn ’l Wardi and Marco Polo respecting Abyssinia. Miscellaneous observations on Massowa; and some particulars regarding the Trade of Zeyla and Mocha, &c.

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