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Original Title Albania
Author Gegaj, Athanas, 1904-1998, Krasniqi, Rexhep, 1906-1999
Topics Albania, Shqipëri, Shqipëria, Albanian history, Albanian geography, Albanian economy, Illyrians, Regnum Albaniae, Skanderberg, communism, Enver Hoxha, autarky, Hoxhaism, Soviet–Albanian split, Free Albania Committee, Assembly of Captive European Nations
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Prepared by “Free Albania Committee”. — New York: Assembly of Captive European Nations, 1964. — 50 p.This is volume 1 in a series of nine booklets. The Assembly of Captive European Nations undertook the publication of the series in response to numerous demands. Also, since much of the existing literature on East-Central Europe has been written from the outsider’s, point of view, there seems to be a need for informative material bearing the stamp of authenticity and first hand experience. Each booklet has been prepared by experts of the respective National Committee.ContentsGeographical FeaturesLocation and AreaLand FormClimateVegetationWild LifeWater ResourcesAgricultural RegionsThe EconomyHistorical BackgroundOriginsThe Illyrians under RomeThe Great InvasionsThe First “Regnum Albaniae”The Heroic AgeFirst Appearance of the Turks in AlbaniaAlbania under Skanderbeg’s LeadershipAlbanian LiteratureUnder Ottoman DominationAlbanian IndependenceAlbania under Communist RegimeThe Communist Take-OverA Series of Tests”Socialist Achievements”The Communization of AlbaniaThe Cultural LifeReligious PersecutionThe Economic SituationThe Economic Situation of the WorkersThe Break Between Moscow and TiranaForeign RelationsAlbania and the Western WorldAlbania and Her NeighborsAlbania and the Afro-Asian CountriesForeign TradeAppendixAlbania’s Present Party and Government Line-Up (1963)BibliographyMaps
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