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All Geeked Up

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All Geeked Up
Original Title All Geeked Up
Author Tom Lichtenberg
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Topics gadgets
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Gadget lovers beware! Those amazing devices in your hands and pockets today will seem primitive and trivial very soon. That day is fast approaching. Already the greatest minds of the generation after the next are hard at work, dreaming up trouble beyond all imagination. Tomorrow’s little black boxes will turn the whole world upside down.From their humble beginnings as inventors of a handheld device with mind control potential, the tech-folk behind World Weary Avengers, Incorporated moved on to develop such gadgets as the one capable of recording an individual’s very personality and replaying it back into another. Devices with even more sinister potential are only the tip of the iceberg. Only a small band of software quality assurance engineers stands between these audacious software developers and your very soul. Would you trust such as these with the future of mankind? I didn’t think so.In ‘World Weary Avengers’, the beginning of the end, old friends Tom and Chris decide to change the world by radically simple means. In ‘Ledman Pickup’, one of Tom’s rare new devices is let loose in the wild, as the gadget seeks to make its own way in the world, on its own terms. ‘In Constant Contact’ continues the saga of inventions gone wrong, when professional friends lead to nothing but trouble.Archived by
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