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An essay contributing to a philosophy of literature

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An essay contributing to a philosophy of literature
Original Title An essay contributing to a philosophy of literature
Author Azarias, Brother, 1847-1893
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Topics Literature — Philosophy, Literature
Publisher Philadelphia, J. J. McVey
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CONTENTS. Introduction 7 PART I. Principles and Facts. CHAPTER I. Definition and Fundamental Principle 11 CHAPTER II. Function of Literature 14 CHAPTER III. Origin of Literature 16 CHAPTER IV. Language and Literature 27 CHAPTER V. Architecture and Literature 33 CHAPTER VI. The Law of Literary Epochs 41 CHAPTER VII. Influencing Agencies in Literature 47 I. The East 49 II. Greece 58 III. Roms 63 IV. Christianity 64 V. The Alexandrian Schools 67 VI. Two Representative Poets 71 VII. The Early Fathers 73 VIII. Christianity and Barbarism 81 IX. The Carlovingian and Arthurian Cycles 85 X. The Schoolmen 97 XI. The Mystics 106 XII. Miracle-Plays and Moralities 108 XIII. The Renaissance 113 CHAPTER VIII. Literature and the Reformation 122 CHAPTER IX. Lord Bacon and Modern Thought 143 CHAPTER X. The Law of Thought 156 CHAPTER XI. Characteristics of Ancient and Modern Literature 161 CHAPTER XII. Positivism and Literature 167 Digitized by Google.
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