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An Introduction to libuv: Release 2.0.0

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An Introduction to libuv: Release 2.0.0
Original Title An Introduction to libuv: Release 2.0.0
Author Nikhil Marathe
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Topics systems programming
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This book is a small set of tutorials about using libuv as a high performance evented I/O library which offers the same API on Windows and Unix.It is meant to cover the main areas of libuv, but is not a comprehensive reference discussing every function and data structure. The official libuv documentation may be consulted for full download.Who this book is for. If you are reading this book, you are either:a systems programmer, creating low-level programs such as daemons or network services and clients. You have found that the event loop approach is well suited for your application and decided to use libuv.a node.js module writer, who wants to wrap platform APIs written in C or C++ with a set of (a)synchronous APIs that are exposed to JavaScript. You will use libuv purely in the context of node.js. For this you will require some other resources as the book does not cover parts specific to v8/node.js.This book assumes that you are comfortable with the C programming language.Archived by
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