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Antibodies [electronic resource] : Volume 2: Novel Technologies and Therapeutic Use

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Antibodies [electronic resource] : Volume 2: Novel Technologies and Therapeutic Use
Original Title Antibodies [electronic resource] : Volume 2: Novel Technologies and Therapeutic Use
Author Subramanian, G
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Topics Pharmacy, Immunology, Toxicology, Biomedical engineering, Biomedical engineering, Immunology, Pharmacy, Toxicology
Publisher Boston, MA : Springer US
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Antibodies: Volume 2: Novel Technologies and Therapeutic UseAuthor: G. Subramanian Published by Springer US ISBN: 978-1-4613-4702-6 DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4419-8877-5Table of Contents:Transgenic Technology for Monoclonal Antibody Production
Generation, Engineering and Production of Human Antibodies Using Hucal®
Achieving Appropriate Glycosylation During the Scaleup of Antibody Production
Approaches to Devise Antibody Purification Processes by Chromatography
Novel Hiv Neutralizing Antibodies Selected from Phage Display Libraries
Monoclonal and Bispecific Antibodies in Combination with Radiotherapy for Cancer Treatment
Antibodies, a Potent Tool to Target Genes into Designated Cells and Tissues
Intrabodies: Development and Application in Functional Genomics and Therapy
Expression of Recombinant Antibodies by Tumour Cells: On Road to Anti-Tumour Therapy
Antitumor Antibodies: From Research to Clinic
Macrophages for Immunotherapy
Future Prospects in Antibody Engineering and Therapy1. Transgenic technology for monoclonal antibody production — 2. Generation, engineering and production of human antibodies using HuCAL — 3. Achieving appropriate glycosylation during the scaleup of antibody production — 4. Approaches to devise antibody purification processes by chromatography — 5. Novel HIV neutralizing antibodies selected from phage display libraries — 6. Monoclonal and bispecific antibodies in combination with radiotherapy for cancer treatment — 7. Antibodies, a potent tool to target genes into designated cells and tissues — 8. Intrabodies: development and application in functional genomics and therapy — 9. Expression of recombinant antibodies by tumour cells: on road to anti-tumour therapy — 10. Antitumor antibodies: from research to clinic — 11. Macrophages for immunotherapy — 12. Future prospects in antibody engineering and therapy — IndexVolume 2: Novel Technologies and Therapeutic Use brings to the forefront current advances in novel technologies for the manufacturing of monoclonal antibodies and also their extensive clinical importance. Following on from Antibodies Volume 1: Production and Purification, this volume concentrates on: -new technologies in the manufacture of monoclonal antibodies, -the application of antibodies in cancer therapy and functional genomic therapy, -the importance of antibodies and prospects of antibody engineering for the future
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