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Application and theory of petri nets 1998 : 19th International Conference, ICATPN&#039,98 Lisbon, Portugal, June 22-26, 1998 proceedings

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Application and theory of petri nets 1998 : 19th International Conference, ICATPN’98 Lisbon, Portugal, June 22-26, 1998 proceedings
Original Title Application and theory of petri nets 1998 : 19th International Conference, ICATPN’98 Lisbon, Portugal, June 22-26, 1998 proceedings
Author International Conference on Applications and Theory of Petri Nets (19th : 1998 : Lisbon, Portugal), Desel, Jörg, Silva, Manuel
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Topics Petri nets, Petri netwerken, Pétri, Réseaux de, Automates mathématiques, Théorie des, Kongreß, Petri-Netz, Kongreß, Petri-Netz, Petri-Netz
Publisher Berlin , London : Springer
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Application and Theory of Petri Nets 1998: 19th International Conference, ICATPN’98 Lisbon, Portugal, June 22–26, 1998 ProceedingsAuthor: Jörg Desel, Manuel Silva Published by Springer Berlin Heidelberg ISBN: 978-3-540-64677-8 DOI: 10.1007/3-540-69108-1Table of Contents:Petri Nets as Token Objects
Synchronized Products of Transition Systems and Their Analysis
Manual and Automatic Exploitation of Symmetries in SPN Models
Dimensioning Handover Buffers in Wireless ATM Networks with GSPN Models
A Class of Well Structured Petri Nets for Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Modelling and Model Checking a Distributed Shared Memory Consistency Protocol
Finding Stubborn Sets of Coloured Petri Nets without Unfolding
On Stubborn Sets in the Verification of Linear Time Temporal Properties
A Compositional Petri Net Semantics for SDL
An Axiomatisation of Duplication Equivalence in the Petri Box Calculus
Efficiency of Token-Passing MUTEX-Solutions — Some Experiments
Thinking in Cycles
Iterative Decomposition and Aggregation of Labeled GSPNs
On the Use of Structural Petri Net Analysis for Studying Product Form Equilibrium Distributions of Queueing Networks with Blocking
Deadlock Detection in the Face of Transaction and Data Dependencies
Petri Net Based Certification of Event-Driven Process Chains
M-net Calculus Based Semantics for Triggers
SWN Analysis and Simulation of Large Knockout ATM Switches
Flexibility in Algebraic Nets
ESTL: A Temporal Logic for Events and StatesIncludes bibliographical references and indexPetri nets as token objects : an introduction to elementary object nets / R. Valk — Synchronized products of transition systems and their analysis / A. Arnold — Manual and automatic exploitation of symmetries in SPN models / G. Chiola — Dimensioning handover buffers in wireless ATM networks with GSPN models / M. Ajmone Marsan, C.-F. Chiasserini and A. Fumagalli — A class of well structured petri nets for flexible manufacturing systems / J. Ezpeleta, F. García-Vallés and J.M. Colom — Modelling and model checking of distributed shared memory consistency protocol / K. Fisler and C. Girault –Finding stubborn sets of coloured petri nets without unfolding / L.M. Kristensen and A. Valmari — On stubborn sets in the verification of linear time temporal properties / K. Varpaaniemi — A compositional petri net semantics for SDL / H. Fleishhack and B. Grahlmann — An axiomatisation of duplication equivalence in the petri box calculus /M. Hesketh and M. Koutny — Efficiency of token-passing MUTEX-solutins : some experiments / E. Bihler and W. Vogler — Thinking in cycles / M.-O. Stehr — Iterative decomposition and aggregation of labeled GSPNs / P. Buccholz — On the use of structural petri net analysis for studying product form equilibrium distributions of queueing networks with blocking / M. Gribaudo and M. Sreno — Deadlock detection in the face of transaction and data dependencies / E. Bertino, G. Chiola and L.V. Mancini — Petri net based certification of event-driven process chains / P. Langner, Chr. Schneidr and J. Wehler — M-net calculus based semantics for triggers / V. Benzaken [and others] — SWN analysis and simulation of large knockout ATM switches / R. Gaeta and M. Ajmone Marsan — Flexibility in algebraic nets / E. Kndler and H. Völzer — ESTL : a temporal logic for events and states / E. Kndler and T. Vesper
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