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Bob Hinds Dating Guide

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Bob Hinds Dating Guide
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Bob Hinds Dating Guide

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Author: Bod Hinds

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Bob Hinds Dating Guide

April 16, 2022

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Bob Hinds Dating Guide

April 16, 2022

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Bob Hinds Dating Guide
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A dating guide written by Bob Hinds, from its third printing in 1999. An independent and obscure book, this was bought at a rural gas station in Missouri, where the author lives. Written by an elderly gentleman, it offers old-fashion advice steeped in religious restraint.

Of note is the last chapter of the book, which offers ideas for dates, which range from very simple ideas to ones out of touch with modern times. The following is the full list of ideas under the "Eating" category:
  • Go out for pizza
  • Dine at a seafood restaurant
  • Select your own lobster for dinner at a restaurant
  • Take your moms out to eat on Mother's Day
  • Have dinner on the deck at a marina restaurant
  • Have "your table" at your favorite restaurant
  • After church, go out to lunch
  • Try some Cajun cooking
  • Try an ethnic food
  • Grill some steaks on the barbecue grill
  • Discover an out-of-the-way cafe
  • Eat a big truckers breakfast at a truck stop
  • Host a Hawaiian luau
  • Try a Japanese dinner and eat with chopsticks
  • Meet your friends for burgers after the game
  • Share a banana split
  • Try an ice cream sundae on a Sunday
  • Share a milkshake at a soda fountain with two straws
  • Make fresh-squeezed lemonade
  • Go for cotton candy
  • Dress formally for a snack at Burger King
  • Make a homemade pan pizza
  • Cook a dinner buffet for your favorite people
  • Have a backyard cookout
  • Roast chestnuts during the holidays
  • Make some spicy chili on a cold night
  • Enjoy an ice-cold watermelon on a hot summer day
  • Have a fish fry
  • Try making some salt-water taffy
  • Make snow ice cream
  • Make homemade ice cream
  • Fix a home-cooked meal from scratch
  • Go to a family birthday dinner
  • Take your parents out to dinner

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