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Brassinosteroids [electronic resource] : Bioactivity and Crop Productivity

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Brassinosteroids [electronic resource] : Bioactivity and Crop Productivity
Original Title Brassinosteroids [electronic resource] : Bioactivity and Crop Productivity
Author Hayat, S. editor, Ahmad, A. editor
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Topics Life sciences, Botany, Plant physiology, Botany, Life sciences, Plant physiology
Publisher Springer Netherlands
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Brassinosteroids: Bioactivity and Crop Productivity
Author: S. Hayat, A. Ahmad
Published by Springer Netherlands
ISBN: 978-90-481-6464-6
DOI: 10.1007/978-94-017-0948-4

Table of Contents:

  • The Chemical Structures and Occurrence of Brassinosteroids in Plants
  • Selected Physiological Responses of Brassinosteroids: A Historical Approach
  • Recent Progress in Brassinosteroid Research: Hormone Perception and Signal Transduction
  • Synthesis and Practical Applications of Brassinosteroid Analogs
  • Brassinosteroids Promote Seed Germination
  • Brassinosteroid-Driven Modulation of Stem Elongation and Apical Dominance: Applications in Micropropagation
  • Studies on Physiological Action and Application of 24-Epibrassinolide in Agriculture
  • Brassinosteroids and Brassinosteroid Analogues Inclusion Complexes in Cyclodextrins
  • New Practical Aspects of Brassinosteroids and Results of Their Ten-Year Agricultural Use in Russia and Belarus
  • Brassinosteroids: A Regulator of 21st Century

Preface — Contributors — 1. The chemical structures and occurrence of brassinosteroids in plants — 2. Selected physiological responses of brassinosteroids: A historical approach — 3. Recent progress in brassinosteroid research: Hormone perception and signal transduction — 4. Synthesis and practical applications of brassinosteroid analogs — 5. Brassinosteroids promote seed germination — 6. Brassinosteroid-driven modulation of stem elongation and apical dominance: Applications in micropropagation — 7. Studies on physiological action and application of 24-epibrassinolide in agriculture — 8. Brassinosteroids and brassinosteroid analogues inclusion complexes in cyclodextrins — 9. New practical aspects of brassinosteroids and results of their ten-year agricultural use in Russia and Belarus — 10. Brassinosteroids: A regulator of the 21st century

This book provides a comprehensive and up to date account of the brassinosteroids, incorporating both theoretical and practical aspects. The contributors to this book are experts of international repute. Each chapter presents a review of the available literature and provides insight into current thinking by pointing out the limitations and gaps in the present knowledge and directing the way forward for further research. Separate chapters deal with the chemical structures, occurrence, synthesis, perception, signal transduction and practical applicability of the brassinosteroids and their analogs. The basic difference, with available reviews, here is the emphasis given to crops improvement by the application of brassinosteroids. Brassinosteroids: Bioactivity and Crop Productivity shall be a rich source of recent knowledge on brassinosteroids, for all students and researchers, particularly in the area of plant hormones, plant physiology and crop productivity

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