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Brazil and La Plata: the personal record of a cruise

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Brazil and La Plata: the personal record of a cruise
Original Title Brazil and La Plata: the personal record of a cruise
Author Stewart, Charles Samuel, 1795-1870
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Usage Public Domain Mark 1.0freepublicdomain
Topics Brazil — Description and travel, Montevideo (Uruguay) — Description and travel, Buenos Aires (Argentina) — Description and travel
Publisher New York, G.P. Putnam &amp, co.
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Departure from Cape Henry β€” Sacrifices In Naval Life β€” Evening Prayers β€” First Casualty β€” Sabbath at Sea β€” Scene in the Gulf Stream β€” My Ship and Shipmates β€” The Crew, 1
Great Caycos β€” Case of Punishment β€” Tho Cat-o’-nine Tails β€” Moral Effects of the Lash β€” Evening on board a Man-of-War β€” Scenes off Havana β€” Entrance into Port, 18
The Prisoners of Contoy β€” Excitement at Havana β€” The Captain General and Chief of Police β€” Visits of Ceremony β€” Drive on Shore β€” The Volante β€” Paseo and Champs de Mars β€” Evening Promenade β€” Visit to Regia by Night β€” The Captive Filibusters β€” Destiny of Cuba, 26
Gulf of Florida β€” The Wreckers β€” Incidents in tho Sick Bay β€” Maury’s Wind and Current Charts β€” The Doldrums β€” Crossing the Line β€” Neptune Aboard β€” Dreams of Home β€” Impediments to Piety on board a Man-of-War β€” Giving up Grog, 42
Cape Frio β€” Coast Scene β€” Bay of Rio β€” Reminiscence of the Past β€” City of Rio β€” Yellow Fever β€” Equipages β€” Drive to Botafogo β€” A Tropical nome, 68
First Impressions at Rio β€” Mixture of Races β€” Senate Chamber β€” Imperial Legislature β€” Form of Government β€” Council of State β€” Ministry β€” Nobility β€” The Court in State β€” The Emperor and Empress, 70
Cemetery of Gamboa β€” Governor Kent β€” Tomb of the Hon. William Tudor β€” Island and Fortress of Villegagnon β€” Discovery of Brazil β€” Huguenot Colonists β€” Treachery of Villegagnon β€” Progress in Civilization β€” State of the Empire β€” Its Dangers and Safeguards, 80
Praya Grande and Praya San Domingo β€” Bay of St Francis Xavier β€” Passage to the Plata β€” Montevideo β€” Sea-Birds β€” Cape Pigeon β€” Albatross β€” Booby β€” Stormy Petrel β€” Dolphin β€” Nautilus β€” Portuguese Man-of-War, 90
Rio de Janeiro β€” The City Palace β€” Scenes at Court β€” Mode of Presentation β€” Character of the Emperor and Empress β€” Their Habits of Life β€” Suppression of Slave Trade β€” Illness of a Sailor-boy β€” First Death on board the Congress, 104
All Souls’ Day β€” Church and Convent of San Antonio β€” Commemoration of the Dead β€” Manner of preserving the Bonos of the Dead β€” Ascent of the Corcovado β€” Panoramic View β€” Sources of the Aqueduct β€” Its Construction and History β€” Doscent of the Hill of Santa Theresa, 117
Prisons and Prison Discipline β€” Ball on Ship-board β€” F6te at the American Ambassador’s β€” Western Suburbs of Rio β€” Country Seat of Mr. R British Flag-Ship β€” Admiral and Mr. Reynolds β€” Garden of Don Juan M Madame M 128
Weather at Rio β€” Meteorological Changes β€” Mountain Walks β€” Shops and Shopping β€” Restrictions upon Females by Custom β€” Slaves at Auction β€” Birthday of Don Pedro II. β€” National Hymn and Air β€” A Yankee Captain’s Opinion of Court State β€” The Emperor afloat, 148
W edding at the American Consulate β€” Marriage at the Orphan Asylum β€” Foundling Hospital β€” Foreign Commerce β€” Arrivals in Port β€” U. S. Sloop St. Mary β€” Captain Magruder β€” Botanical Garden β€” Storm from the Corcovado β€” Fete at the Chapel Santa Lucia β€” Churches on Christmas Eve β€” Twelfth Night Party β€” Youthful Piety in Military Life, 154
Montevideo β€” Its Political Condition β€” First Impressions on Shore β€” Mr. H and Family β€” British Church and Services, 160
Buenos Ayres β€” Mode of Landing β€” Reception of Commodore McKeever β€” Evening Drive β€” Negro ‘Washerwomen β€” Carts of the Pampas β€” Washington’s Birthday β€” Mr. Harris, American Charge d’ Affaires β€” Quinta of Palermo β€” Dona Manuelita de Rosas β€” Pleasure Grounds β€” Interview with Rosas β€” His Appearance and Conversation, 178
The Argentine Confederation β€” Early Life of Rosas β€” A Type of the People β€” Life in the Pampas β€” Police of Buenos Ayres β€” Description of the City β€” Visit to the Conde de Bessi β€” Nuncio from the Pope, 188
Montevideo β€” Store-ship Southampton β€” Dr. C , Fleet Surgeon β€” The Poor of Montevideo β€” French Troops β€” Dress of the Guacho β€” Mr. and Madame L Mrs. Z Pamperos at Montevideo β€” Diseases of the Climate β€” Marriage of Dr. K of the St. Louis β€” Funeral of Mra. S Protestant Burial-Ground, 198
Island of St. Catherine β€” Scenery at Santa Cruz β€” Captain Cathcart acting Consul β€” City of Desterro β€” Its Public Square β€” Market Place β€” Hotel β€” Civility of the In- habitants β€” Manufactures of Flowers in Feathers and Shells β€” Dinner β€” Waiter and Waitress β€” Walks at Santa Cruz β€” An Unexpected Recognition β€” Dangerous Walking Ground, 209
Return to Rio de Janeiro β€” Winter Weather there β€” The Larangelms or Orange Val- ley β€” Walk along the Aqueduct β€” Festivals of the Romish Church β€” Corpus Christi and St John’s Days β€” Marriages at the Orphan Asylum β€” Hospital of the Miseracordia β€” Magnificence of the New Building β€” Country Seat of Mr. M Scenes at a Wedding β€” Lieut R Smuggled Liquor and the Consequence β€” A Reproof to Despondency, 220
Political State of Montevideo β€” Defection of Urquiza β€” Address of Rosas β€” Retreat of Oribe β€” Visit to the Mount β€” Pacification at Montevideo β€” Termination of the Siege β€” Scenes in the Streets and Suburbs, 287
Visit to Urquiza β€” nis Encampment at Pantanoso β€” Marqued of Commander-in-Chief β€” Travelling Carriage and Baggage Wagon β€” Adjutant on Duty β€” Reception β€” Per- sonal Appearance of Urquiza β€” His Pet Mastiff β€” Professed Purposes of the Liberator β€” His past History and Domestic Relations β€” The Cerrito and its Fortress β€” Town of Restoracion β€” A Gilpin-like Ride β€” Guacho Soldiers in Camp β€” Their Dress, Pastime and Subsistence β€” Mode of Slaughtering Cattle β€” Proclamation by Urquiza, 249
Return to Brazil β€” Assault of a Runner on board the Congress β€” Captain McIntosh β€” His Transfer to the Falmouth β€” Departure for the United States β€” Making Daylight β€” Ship’s Library β€” Sailors as Readers β€” Street Calls in Rio β€” Civility and Patience of the People β€” Disinclination to locomotion β€” Omnibuses β€” Mules and Omnibus Drivers, 266
Ban Aliexo β€” Mr. and Mrs. M Steam Packet β€” Passengers β€” Image Tenders β€” San Antonio β€” Superstition of the People β€” Experience in Miracles β€” Admiral T Luncheon β€” Negro Valet β€” Piedade β€” An American Wagon β€” White Mules β€” Turnpike β€” Character of the Scenery β€” Town of Maje β€” Private Road of Mr. M Cotton Factory and American House β€” Sabbath at San Aliexo β€” Romish Clergy β€” Peak Vallejo and River β€” Rain in the Mountains β€” Sudden Rise in the Streams β€” Mandioca Mill β€” Difficulties encountered by Mr. M 2T5
Christmas β€” Marriage of Miss K Negroes in the Holidays β€” Scene of Revelry in the Laranjeiras β€” Amusing Street Scene β€” Custom-House Regulations β€” Characteristic want of Confidence β€” Security of Property and Person β€” Criminal Prosecutions β€” Forms in Court β€” Manner of taking the Oath β€” Public executions β€” Return to Montevideo β€” State of Affairs in the Plata β€” Invasion of Buenos Ayres by Urquiza β€” Tragic Fate of Missionaries in Terra del Fuego, 291
Overthrow of Rosas β€” Dona Manuelita at Palermo β€” Her Escape at Night in Disguise on board an English Man-of-War β€” Pillage in Buenos Ayres β€” First Checked by the Marines of the Congress and Jamestown β€” Summary Punishment of the Marauders β€” Urquiza at Palermo β€” General Terero β€” Visit to the Wounded in the Hospital β€” Suburbs of the City β€” English Burial-Ground β€” Government House built by Rosas, 307
Battle field of Monte Caseros β€” Scenes on the Way β€” Santos Lugares β€” Anecdotes of the Conflict β€” Triumphal Entry of the Allied Armies into Buenos Ayres β€” Te Deum at the Cathedral and Thanksgiving Sermon, 322
Hospitality in Buenos Ayres β€” Return to Montevideo β€” Public Rejoicings β€” Admirals Lepredour and Grenfell β€” Deep-Sea Soundings β€” Sea Scene β€” Walks at Desterro β€” Praya Compreda β€” A Yankee Cobbler β€” Ride to San Pedro d’ Alcantara β€” Indoor Scenes β€” Our Host and his Housemaid β€” Preparations for the Night β€” Chapel and Cemetery β€” Mountain Scenery β€” Morning Visit to a German Family β€” A Feat of Agility β€” Luncheon β€” Milk and Mandioca β€” Departure from San Pedro β€” Ride by Night, 334
Desterro β€” Mr. Wells β€” Funeral of a Child β€” Evening Walk β€” A Novena β€” Singular Usage β€” Auction at the Church β€” Mock Emperor β€” Evening Ride β€” Mountain View β€” Habits in Rural Life β€” Indians β€” Venomous Snakes β€” Antidote for the Poison of Snakes β€” Whit-Sunday β€” Coronation of the Mock Emperor β€” President of St. Catherine β€” Preaching by the Vicar β€” Appointment and Support of the Clergy β€” Pastime at Santa Cruz β€” Impoverished Germans β€” Estate of Las Palmas β€” Senor de L Antonio de L Coup d’Etat by Urquiza β€” Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Lore β€” Protestant Churches β€” Rural Scenes β€” Native Cows β€” Hon. Mr. Schenck β€” Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher, 359
Ascent of the Sierra of the Organ Mountains β€” Frieschal β€” La Barriera β€” Mules and Muleteers β€” Mountain Wood in Flower β€” Boa Vista β€” H Hall β€” Arrival at Constantia β€” Mr. Heath β€” His Estate β€” Slaves and their Treatment β€” Morning and Evening Benedictions β€” Mountain Route to Petropolis β€” Woodland Scenery β€” Monkeys β€” Isolated Peaks β€” Valley of Piabanha β€” Mule Riding β€” Petropolis β€” German Protestant Church, 401
Buenos Ayres in 1858 β€” Revolution and Civil War β€” Mode of Conducting it β€” Savage Atrocities of the Outside Party β€” Failure of all Mediations in effecting a Pacification-Final Departure of Commodore McKeever and Suite β€” Homeward Bound, 418
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