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Bubbles and ballast : being a description of life in Paris during the brilliant days of the empire : a tour through Belgium and Holland, and a sojourn in London

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Bubbles and ballast : being a description of life in Paris during the brilliant days of the empire : a tour through Belgium and Holland, and a sojourn in London
Original Title Bubbles and ballast : being a description of life in Paris during the brilliant days of the empire : a tour through Belgium and Holland, and a sojourn in London
Author Bouligny, Mary E
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Topics Paris (France) — Description and travel, London (England) — Description and travel, Europe — Description and travel
Publisher Baltimore : Kelly, Piet
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The R. M. Steamship Java โ€” Departure from Boston โ€” The Captain and Officers โ€” Arrival at Halifax โ€” At Sea โ€” Meeting with a solitary little Boat โ€” A Sketch of the Passengers โ€” Sea-sickness, and a yearning for Land โ€” The Coast of Ireland โ€” Anchored off Liverpool โ€” The Custom-house Officers โ€” Death of a Passenger โ€” Farewell to the Ship, 13
Liverpool โ€” The Crowded Hotels โ€” An Evening Stroll โ€” Midnight, and a cry of Murder โ€” Picturesque Scenery by Rail to London โ€” Arrival at the Capital โ€” Impressions on the Wing โ€” The Journey to Paris, 32
The Champs Elysees โ€” The People โ€” The Exhilaration of the Climate โ€” Arc de Triomphe dc l’Etoile โ€” The Palace of the Tuileries โ€” Place de la Concorde โ€” Dinner Parties of American Residents โ€” The Flowers and Fruits โ€” A Promenade in the Tuileries Garden โ€” A Child’s sympathy for Marie Antoinette’s Fate โ€” America overruled by a Cuisinidre โ€” The Bois de Boulogne, and the Review of the French Troops by Napoleon and the Emperor of Austria โ€” The Universal Exposition at Champ de Mars โ€” Its Contents โ€” The Gardens and Model Buildings โ€” The Statues of King William of Prussia, Sappho, and the Loves of the Angels, 41
Pere la Chaise on All Saints’ Day โ€” Tribute to the Dead โ€” Tomb of Abelard and Heloise, of the Tragedian Rachel, and other Celebrities โ€” Little Graves โ€” The various Departments of the Exposition โ€” France Triumphant โ€” Napoleon and Francis Joseph โ€” The Emperor’s Pavilion โ€” The Fine Arts โ€” The Statue of Napoleon I pre-eminent โ€” The Statuo of La Femme Adultere โ€” Evening Reception at Homo โ€” Mile. Schneider in La Grande Duchesse โ€” Theatre of Porto St. Martin, and the play of Biche au Bois โ€” The Ballet โ€” The Gardens at the Exposition, and the American Soda Fount โ€” The Beauty of American Women โ€” The Close of the Exposition, 59
The Restaurants โ€” A Lively Scene at the Diner do Paris โ€” America Blundering over the Language โ€” Bridal Reception โ€” The Centenarian, Count de Waldeck โ€” The Churches of Notre Dame and St. Sulpice โ€” The Latin Quarter : its Fountains, and the Popular Stores, Bon Marche and Petit St. Thomas โ€” The Gay Boulevards โ€” Malmaison โ€” Rueil โ€” St. Germain, its Terrace and Forest, 81
Brussels โ€” Hotel de Ville โ€” Laces ut the House of Everaert and Sister โ€” St. Gudule โ€” Catholic Worship โ€” The Journey to the Hague โ€” An Importunate Custom-house Officer โ€” Swindling practised on Travelers โ€” Arrival at the Belle Vue Hotel โ€” The Town and its Inhabitants โ€” A view of Haarlem and Leiden โ€” The Dutch Cows โ€” Amsterdam โ€” The Women with their Scrubbing Brooms โ€” A Tribute to the Sobriety of the People โ€” An Example to our Country โ€” A Picture Gallery โ€” The King’s Palace โ€” The Throne Chair โ€” The Canals and Docks โ€” The Serenaders, and the Charm of Music โ€” A sketch of a Room at Brack’s Doelen Hotel โ€” En route to Rotterdam โ€” An Incident of Travel โ€” Located at New Bath Hotel โ€” Old Irish Gentleman at the Dinner-table โ€” Busy Life on the Quay โ€” The Cathedral Church of St. Lawrence โ€” The Fish Market โ€” Dutch Costumes โ€” The Meuse River โ€” Antwerp โ€” Table d’Hote at Hotel St. Antoine โ€” The Cathedral of Notre Dame, and the Chefs d’AEuvre of Rubens โ€” The Church of St. Andrew, containing the finest Pulpit in the Netherlands โ€” The Church of St. Augustine, with the Painting of the Mystical Marriage of St. Catherine โ€” The Church of St. Jacques, with , the Tomb of Rubens โ€” St. Paul’s Church โ€” Representation of Calvary โ€” An Old Woman at Prayer โ€” A Funeral Procession โ€” The Museum and its Pictures โ€” The Artist who Painted with his Toes โ€” The Chimes of Bells โ€” The Wiertz Museum at Brussels, 95
Return to Paris โ€” Observance of our President’s Thanksgiving Proclamation โ€” Impressions formed of French Character โ€” Place Vendome โ€” The Opera Comique, and the Play of Robinson Crusoe โ€” The Market, and a Vindictive French Female โ€” Hotel des Invalides and its Veterans โ€” The Church Service, and the Military Band โ€” The Palais Royal โ€” The Recherche Taste of Prince Napoleon and the Princess Clotilde โ€” The Studio of Gustave Dore โ€” The Genius and Personal Appearance of the Artist, – 135
Reading by Mrs. Leigh Ward โ€” The Passage Delorme and the Doll-baby Show โ€” The Charm of Home Letters โ€” Sacred Memories โ€” The Christmas Tree, and “Young America” โ€” Midnight Mass at the Madelaine โ€” Sudden Death of an American Journalist โ€” Promenade of the Emperor and Empress on the Champs Elysees, Christmas Day โ€” The Boulevard des Italiens with Holiday Decorations โ€” A Frenchman Intoxicated by Beauty โ€” A Museum of Wax Figures โ€” Peters’ Restaurant, and the French Apology for Oysters, – 151
Entertainment at the Grand Hotel โ€” Hotel Lambert, and Fair for the Benefit of poor Poles โ€” The Seine โ€” The American Episcopal Church โ€” The New Year โ€” An American Rose-bud, 154
Soirees Dansantes โ€” The Skating Park at the Bois de Boulogne โ€” The Prince Imperial on the Ice โ€” The Night Carnival โ€” The Emperor and Empress on Skates โ€” Presentation to their Imperial Majesties โ€” The first Court Ball of the Season โ€” The Empress’ Toilette โ€” The Princess Mathilde โ€” The Princess Metternich โ€” The Americans present โ€” Skating at Longchamps and at VSsinet โ€” The Madelaine Flower Market, – 169
Soirees by the American Minister and other Residents โ€” The Morgue โ€” Soiree Musicale โ€” The Greek Church โ€” The Park Monceaux โ€” The Church of St. Augustine โ€” The Avenue de l’Imperatrice on a Sunday Afternoon โ€” Madame Busque, or Charlie’s Restaurant , and its specialty, Buckwheat Cakes, 185
Washington’s Birthday Celebrated โ€” Mardi-gras โ€” A Fancy Costume Ball โ€” Concert by an American Pianist โ€” A Night of Revelry on the Boulevard des Italiens โ€” “Last Rose of Summer” and “Home, Sweet Home,” by Mme. Luchese โ€” Interior of the Madelaine by Twilight โ€” Thefitre Lyrique, and the Operetta of La Fanchonette โ€” The Prima Donna, Mme. Carvalho โ€” The Opera Comique, and Mile. Marie Roze in Le Premier Jour de Bonheur โ€” The Sewers, or Paris Underground โ€” Foreign Society โ€” The Palais Royal Theatre, and the Play of La Yie Parisienne, 194
The Chapel of the Tuileries โ€” The Emperor, Empress, and Prince Imperial at their Devotions โ€” The Anniversary of the Prince Imperial’s Birth, a holiday event โ€” Mi Carfimo Carnival โ€” A Mask Ball at the Opera House โ€” Strauss’ Music โ€” French Liberties โ€” Soiree of a Prussian Lady and the magnificence of Toilettes โ€” Masquerade Fancy Ball โ€” Beautiful Women, and Gorgeous Costumes โ€” Grand Viaduct โ€” The Park d’Auteuil โ€” Croix Catelan โ€” Vaclierie at Pre Catelan, 211
Palace at Versailles โ€” Patti in Italian Opera โ€” Concert at the Hotel de Ville โ€” Baron and Baroness Haussman โ€” The Artists and their Operatic Selections โ€” The Environs of Paris in Spring Verdure โ€” St. Eustache on Good Friday โ€” American Episcopal Church on Easter Sunday โ€” Easter Gifts โ€” The Cirque Napoleon โ€” The Trained Dogs and the Amphibious Man โ€” Wedding in High Life โ€” The English Charity Ball at the Grand Hotel โ€” Lord Lyons โ€” The English Admiral, and a gouty Marquis on the “light fantastic toe,” 228
Preaching by Lord Radstoek โ€” The French Charity Ball, a Brilliant Scene โ€” Children at play on the Champs Elysees โ€” Lady Cowper’s Salons โ€” A day at the Bois de Boulogne, the Brides ajried, and the Ducks on a Raid โ€” The Conservatoire de Musique โ€” Mayday โ€” Musard’s Concert โ€” Reminiscences of Versailles โ€” The Trianons โ€” The Fountains โ€” A Funeral Cortege, 243
Grand Opera House, and Performance of La Juive โ€” The Imperial’s Stables โ€” The Prince Imperial’s First Communion โ€” A Lady Killed by a Runaway Horse โ€” The Bois de Boulogne by Moonlight โ€” The Races at Longeliamps โ€” Fine Arts at the Palais do l’Industrie โ€” The Tower of St. Jacques โ€” The Bois de Vincennes, – 255
Fontainebleau โ€” The Palace โ€” -The Forests โ€” The Old Woman on Top of the Tower, and the French Flag โ€” The Conciergerie, and the Pictures of Marie Antoinette โ€” Her Crucifix โ€” The Pantheon, and the Echo of the Crypt โ€” The Library Saint Genevieve โ€” Saint Chapelle โ€” The Boulevard St. Michel, the Grisette, the Skeleton-man and the Italian Savoyard โ€” Dinner at the Bois de Vincennes โ€” Concert at the Cirque l’imperatrice โ€” Dupre’s Oratorio, the Last Judgment โ€” Hotel de Cluny โ€” The Louvre โ€” The Venus de Milo โ€” The Luxembourg Garden โ€” The Fairy-bower, – 266
The Chantilly Races โ€” Tomb of Napoleon โ€” The Hippodrome โ€” The Emperor at the Bois de Boulogne โ€” The Cirque de l’imperatrice โ€” An American Performer, and a Squeaking Violin โ€” Paintings at the Louvre โ€” St. Cloud on a Fte-day โ€” The Chateau โ€” Fire-works at Night โ€” Party by Baron de la 288
Luxembourg Palace โ€” The Churches of the Madelaine, St. Germain l’Auxerrois and St. Roch โ€” The Garden Mabille โ€” The Danseuses โ€” The Museum at the Louvre โ€” The Church of St. Clotilde โ€” The Artillery Museum โ€” The Maynard Rifles โ€” The Garden of Plants โ€” The Buttes de Chaumont, 304
Saint Denis โ€” Sevres Factory โ€” The Old Painter at Work โ€” A Cafe Chantant โ€” The Chapelle Expiatoire โ€” The Rag-pickers โ€” Closeric de Lilas, the Students’ Elysium โ€” Chapel St. Ferdinand โ€” Jardin d’Acclimatation โ€” Farewell to Paris, 310
Scene on the English Channel โ€” London โ€” Charing Cross Hotel โ€” Houses of Parliament โ€” Westminster Abbey โ€” Mme. Tussaud’s Wax-works โ€” Kings and Queens, and some of America’s Statesmen โ€” The Chamber of Horrors, and the Happy Ignorance of an Irish Woman โ€” The Crystal Palace, and a Grand Operatic Concert โ€” Titiens, and other Singers of Her Majesty’s Opera โ€” The English Women โ€” A Restaurant without Waiters โ€” Pyrotechnic Display in the Gardens โ€” Preaching by Spurgeon โ€” Music at Westminster, 332
St. Paul’s Church โ€” The Everlasting Sixpence โ€” The Tower of London, and Gloomy Impressions โ€” The British Museum โ€” Hyde Park โ€” The Sunlit Scene โ€” Hampton Court โ€” A Picturesque Spot โ€” The Famous Grape Vine โ€” Dinner at the Star and Garter Hotel at Richmond โ€” The Tempting White Bait, 360
Greenwich โ€” The Poor of London โ€” The Thames Tunnel โ€” The Cremorne Gardens โ€” The Dancing โ€” The Hermit’s Cave, and the Magical Mirror โ€” South Kensington Museum โ€” The Zoo- logical Gardens โ€” The Monkeys โ€” The Elephant in Service โ€” Regent Street and Piccadilly โ€” The Bustle and Gay Life โ€” Blanchard’s Restaurant โ€” Haymarket Theatre and Sothern the Actor โ€” Farewell to London โ€” Liverpool โ€” Preparing to Sail โ€” The R. M. Steamship Scotia homeward bound โ€” Charlotte Cushman, a passenger โ€” The Perils of Icebergs, and other Woes โ€” “Home Again,” 300

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