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Budapest Carnivals

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Budapest Carnivals
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Budapest Carnivals

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Author: Naim Frasheri

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Subjects: Hungary, Albania, Khrushchovite revisionists, Budapest, world communist forum, Hoxhaism

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Budapest Carnivals

April 16, 2022

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Budapest Carnivals

April 16, 2022

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Tirana: Naim Frasheri, 1963. — 36 p.
The revisionist leaders of Europe and of some other parties which mainly depend on them will meet on February 26 in Budapest around the Khrushchovite leaders of the Soviet Union to discuss the - «preliminary arrangements for the new world communist forum». In a previous article, we have explained in detail the counter-revolutionary aims of this meeting and its purposes to oppose the revolutionary and anti-imperialist struggle of the people. Today we shall dwell only on some aspects of the confused, contradictory and desperate atmosphere, characterizing the revisionist pack on the threshold of a meeting for which the Soviet revisionists have not spared either big propaganda words or numerous material means.

The counter-revolutionary Budapest meeting — a new treacherous step of the Khrushchovite revisionists
The Budapest carnivals

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