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Cantate Mariae: Meditations In Song

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Cantate Mariae: Meditations In Song
Original Title Cantate Mariae: Meditations In Song
Author Bearne, David, 1856-
Publication date

Usage Public Domain Mark 1.0freepublicdomain
Topics Mary, Blessed Virgin, Saint, Mary, Blessed Virgin, Saint — Poetry, Mary, Blessed Virgin, Saint — Meditations, Mary, Blessed Virgin, Saint — Meditations
Publisher London : Burns and Oates
Collection folkscanomy_miscellaneous, folkscanomy, additional_collections
Language English
Book Type EBook
Material Type Book
File Type PDF
Downloadable Yes
Support Mobile, Desktop, Tablet
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PDF Quality: Good
Availability Yes
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To Mary Immaculate 1
Regina Saeculorum 3
Our Lady of Love 4
The Visitation 5
A Legend of the Nativity 6
Kings to the Queen 7
The Purification 9
The Three Days’ Loss 10
A Dream of Nazareth 12
Jesus and Mary 13
Mater Gelu Constricta 14
The Risen Bridegroom 15
Our Lady of the Pax 16
Regina Sacratissimi Rosarii 17
A Shrine for Mary 19
Causa Nostras Laetitiae 20
Rosa Mystica 21
Mary’s Message 22
Our Lady of the Rosary .23
At her Shrine 24
A Boy’s Hymn to Mary . 25
Our Lady of the Boys 27
Our Lady of the Fountain 29
Our Lady of the Lawn 31
Our Lady of the Birds 32
At a City Shrine 34
A Lady Chapel 35
Song of the Spartan Boy 37
Together 39
The Rosary 42

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