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Caro J. Esthonia. Her claim for Independence

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Caro J. Esthonia. Her claim for Independence
Original Title Caro J. Esthonia. Her claim for Independence
Author Caro, James
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Topics Estonia, Eesti, Esthonia, independence, The Anglo-Esthonian Bureau
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London: The Anglo-Esthonian Bureau, 1918. — 9 p.

The world is striving towards the day when the solidarity of international democracy shall be established, and whatever aid the Allies give to Esthonia is a step towards that goal. It cannot be sufficiently emphasised that upon the Independence of Esthonia rests the freedom of the Baltic. Were Germany, after the War, to remain dominant in Esthonia, the Baltic Sea would be transformed into a German lake, and the Baltic trade of the Allies with East Europe and Russia could only be carried on through ports controlled by Germany. Esthonia, being a free-transit country with free harbours and as far as possible with free trade, in intimate economic connection with Great-Russia and close friendship with allied countries, would be a gateway for the world’s commerce into East-Europe.

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