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Central Planning

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Central Planning
Original Title Central Planning
Author Tinbergen, Jan, 1903-1994
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Topics planning, centyral planning, CPE, influence of planning, origins of planning, macroeconomics, optimum regime, coordination, social welfare
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New Haven, London: Yale University Press, 1964. ā€” 114 p.
This study deals with the process of central economic planning, or economic planning by governments. It aims at a threefold treatment, which may be summarized as follows: (a) to describe the process of central planning, considered as one of the service industries of a modern economy, (b) to analyze its impact on the general economic process, (c) to indicate, as far as possible, the optimal extent and techniques of central planning. This means that, under (a), central economic planning will be made the object of traditional economic analysis. It will be described and analyzed like any other element of the economic process: its product and factors will be defined, its possible methods of production set out, as well as the possibilities to increase its efficiency in the narrower sense.
Economic Planning as Part of the Economic Process: Actors, Tasks and Elements
Nature of This Study, Origin of Planning
Actors and Task of Planning
Activities Involved in Planning
An International Comparison of Planning ProcessesĀ 
Influence Exerted on the General Economic Process
From Unplanned to Planned PolicyĀ 
Contents of PlansĀ 
Drawbacks of Coordinated ActionĀ 
Theoretical Analysis of the Influence of PlanningĀ 
Empirical EvidenceĀ 
Deviations from Plans in Actual DevelopmentĀ 
The Influence of Circumstances and Ideas on the Nature and Intensity of Planning
Need for Planning Dependent on Circumstances
Need for Forecasts
Importance of Aims
Necessity of Coordination
Possibilities of Planning
Differences in the Degree of Planning
Todayā€™s Most Serious Controversy
Doctrinaire Views
Differences in Social Welfare Function
Differences Open to Argument
Optimal Planning
The Unknowns of the ProblemĀ 
The Optimum RegimeĀ 
Optimum Planning: Choices to Be MadeĀ 
Criteria for Optimum PlanningĀ 
Some Remarks on Optimum Methods: What Must Be Planned?Ā 
Some Remarks on Optimum Methods: Planning in Stages?Ā 
Some Remarks on Optimum ProceduresĀ 
Appendix: An International Comparison of Planning ProcessesĀ 
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