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Chopsticks : a cultural and culinary history

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Chopsticks : a cultural and culinary history
Original Title Chopsticks : a cultural and culinary history
Author Wang, Q. Edward, 1958- author
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Topics chopsticks, chinese, food, eating, rice, tang, cultural, china, han, japanese, culinary history, chopsticks cultural, chinese food, yinshi wenhua, zhongguo yinshi, disposable chopsticks, south china, zhongguo zhu, wooden chopsticks, cultural sphere, Chopsticks, HISTORY / Asia / General
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Chopsticks, A Cultural and Culinary History by Professor Q. Edward Wang

Includes bibliographical references (pages 176-184) and index

“Chopsticks have become a quintessential part of the Japanese, Chinese and Korean culinary experience across the globe, with more than one fifth of the world’s population using them daily to eat. In this vibrant, highly original account of the history of chopsticks, Q. Edward Wang charts their evolution from a simple eating implement in ancient times to their status as a much more complex, cultural symbol today. “–

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