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Classical mechanics : point particles and relativity

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Classical mechanics : point particles and relativity
Original Title Classical mechanics : point particles and relativity
Author Greiner, Walter, 1935-
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Topics Mechanics, Relativity (Physics)
Publisher New York : Springer
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Classical Mechanics: Point Particles and Relativity
Author: Walter Greiner
Published by Springer New York
ISBN: 978-0-387-95586-5
DOI: 10.1007/b97649

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction and Basic Definitions
  • The Scalar Product
  • Component Representation of a Vector
  • The Vector Product (Axial Vector)
  • The Triple Scalar Product
  • Application of Vector Calculus
  • Differentiation and Integration of Vectors
  • The Moving Trihedral (Accompanying Dreibein)–the Frenet Formulas
  • Surfaces in Space
  • Coordinate Frames
  • Vector Differential Operations
  • Determination of Line Integrals
  • The Integral Laws of Gauss and Stokes
  • Calculation of Surface Integrals
  • Volume (Space) Integrals
  • Newton’s Axioms
  • Basic Concepts of Mechanics
  • The General Linear Motion
  • The Free Fall
  • Friction

Includes bibliographical references and index

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