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Coding, Cryptography and Combinatorics [electronic resource]

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Coding, Cryptography and Combinatorics [electronic resource]
Original Title Coding, Cryptography and Combinatorics [electronic resource]
Author Feng, Keqin, Niederreiter, Harald, Xing, Chaoping
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Topics Computer science, Data structures (Computer science), Coding theory, Combinatorial analysis, Coding theory, Combinatorial analysis, Computer science, Data structures (Computer science)
Publisher Basel : Birkhäuser Basel
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Coding, Cryptography and Combinatorics
Author: Keqin Feng, Harald Niederreiter, Chaoping Xing
Published by BirkhÀuser Basel
ISBN: 978-3-0348-9602-3
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-0348-7865-4

Table of Contents:

  • On the Secondary Constructions of Resilient and Bent Functions
  • Adaptive Recursive MLD Algorithm Based on Parallel Concatenation Decomposition for Binary Linear Codes
  • Modularity of Asymptotically Optimal Towers of Function Fields
  • A New Correlation Attack on LFSR Sequences with High Error Tolerance
  • LDPC Codes: An Introduction
  • The New Implementation Schemes of the TTM Cryptosystem Are Not Secure
  • The Capacity Region of Broadcast Networks with Two Receivers
  • Constructions of Nonbinary Codes Correcting t-Symmetric Errors and Detecting All Unidirectional Errors: Magnitude Error Criterion
  • On the Propagation Criterion of Boolean Functions
  • On Certain Equations over Finite Fields and Cross-Correlations of m-Sequences
  • A Polly Cracker System Based on Satisfiability
  • Combinatorially Designed LDPC Codes Using Zech Logarithms and Congruential Sequences
  • New Constructions of Constant-Weight Codes
  • Good Self-Dual Quasi-Cyclic Codes over Fq, q Odd
  • Linear Complexity and k-Error Linear Complexity for p
  • HFE and BDDs: A Practical Attempt at Cryptanalysis
  • Digital Nets and Coding Theory
  • Constructive Asymptotic Codes with an Improvement on the Tsfasman-VlăduĆŁ-Zink and Xing Bounds
  • Malleability Attacks on Multi-Party Key Agreement Protocols
  • Combinatorial Tableaux in Isoperimetry

Preface — Invited Papers – Contributions by C. Carlet, T. Kasami, W.-C.W. Li, P. Lu and L. Huang, A. Shokrollahi — Contributed Papers – 23 Refereed Contributions

This book contains a selection of papers submitted to the Workshop on Coding, Cryptography and Combinatorics (CCC 2003). An important feature of the book are invited surveys on key topics such as Boolean functions in cryptology, correlation attacks on LFSR sequences, decoding algorithms for linear codes, LDPC codes, and towers of function fields. There are also carefully selected contributed papers on many aspects of coding theory, cryptology and combinatorics, for instance, new constructions of codes, decoding algorithms, coding bounds, digital nets, cryptanalysis of cryptosystems and other cryptographic schemes, linear complexity of sequences, cross-correlation of sequences, authentication codes, fast arithmetic for cryptosystems, capacity regions, and combinatorial tableaux. The reader will be informed about current reesearch in these very active areas. The book is of interest for postgraduate students and researchers in mathematics, computer science, information theory and electrical engineering

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