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Combatives Field Manual FM 21 150

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Combatives Field Manual FM 21 150
Original Title Combatives Field Manual FM 21 150
Author Headquarters Department of the Army
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Topics Field Manual, Army, Combatives, Training, basic principles, trainer, skills, safety, precautions, unit training, training formations, pit construction, bayonet assault course, warm-ups, stretches, stances, falls, crawl, walk, run, demonstrations, execution, numbers, combat speed, drills, foam pads, throws, takedowns, strangulation, choking techniques, counters, grappling, teaching, close-range combatives, medium range, lon range, natural weapons, arm punches, strikes, kicks, Defense, armed opponent, angles of attack, Defense against knife, unarmed defense, rifle with fixed bayonet, advanced weapons techniques, offensive techniques, bayonets, knives, kinfe against knife, field expedient weapons, entrenching tool, three foot stick, three foot rope, six foot pole, transition techniques, combat scenarios, bridging, ranges, planning, rehearsals, execution, psychological aspects, pugil training, bayonet training, united states army infantry school, soldier, move, regain balance, exploit weakness, mental balance, position, timing distance, momentum, fighter, opponent, leverage, hostile behavior, aggressiveness, power, elbows, knees, wikileaks, proficiency, fighters stance, laying side fall, standing side fall, forward rolling fall, survival, fighting, hand-to-hand-combat
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This field manual contains information and guidance pertaining to rifle-bayonet fighting and hand-to-hand combat. The hand-to-hand combat portion of this manual is divided into basic and advanced training. The techniques are applied as intuitive patterns of natural movement but are initially studied according to range. Therefore, the basic principles for fighting in each range are discussed. However, for ease of learning they are studied in reverse order as they would be encountered in a combat engagement. This manual serves as a guide for instructors, trainers, and soldiers in the art of instinctive rifle-bayonet fighting.
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