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Comfort And Consolation For The Sick And Afflicted. With Mass And Prayers For The Sick And For The Dead.

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Comfort And Consolation For The Sick And Afflicted. With Mass And Prayers For The Sick And For The Dead.
Original Title Comfort And Consolation For The Sick And Afflicted. With Mass And Prayers For The Sick And For The Dead.
Author Comfort
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Usage Public Domain Mark 1.0freepublicdomain
Topics Sick — Prayers And Devotions, Sick, Consolation
Publisher London
Collection folkscanomy_miscellaneous, folkscanomy, additional_collections
Language English
Book Type EBook
Material Type Book
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Chap. I.— The Sick
Directions for the Sick 3
In what manner those in charge of the Sick should act 6
Chap. II.— The Dying 8
Chap. III.— The Last Sacraments 13
Directions for the Communion of the Sick and administration of Extreme Unction 19
Chap. IV.— The Dead : the Body 21
Before the Burial 22
The Burial 23
Chap. V.— The Souls of the Dead 25
How to help them 28
Chap. VI.— The Grave 31
The Happiness of the Body 89
The Happiness of the Soul 48
Farewell— Adieu ! 46
The Hope of meeting again in Heaven 50
Letter of St Jerome 56
Letter of St. Francis de Sales 77
Letter of Fenelon to a Lady 78
Extracts from some of Fenelon’s Letters 80
Let us think of Heaven 84
Letter of St. Leger to his mother 97
We meet again in Heaven 99
Reflections at a grave 104
Two dwellings where nothing passes away 104
O nothingness of human hopes 105
In its last end my soul shall also leave its miserable body 107
Temporary expiation 108
Piety towards the Dead 109
Means of Relieving the Dead 110
1. Prayer 110
2. Good Works 114
We are too forgetful of the Dead 115
He passed through death, but did not remain there 119
Do yon mourn the seed which you have sown in the ground 122
What ends soon is always short 123
Ah I how happy we shall be if we are altogether in heaven 125
“Be not sorrowful, even as others who have no hope” 126
In Heaven we know our own 128
Sorrow and Resignation of a mother who weeps for the death of her child 141
The mystery of sorrow imposed on mothers 143
Faith 147
Hope 156
Charity 163
Consolation in suffering 170
A Votive Mass for the Sick 177
Litany for a Happy Death 182
Prayers for deliverance from sudden death 186
Preparation for death 191
Exhortation said by the Priest before administering the Blessed Eucharist to the Sick 195
Exhortation after Communion 199
„ before Extreme Unction 201
„ after Extreme Unction 204
Questions to excite the Sick to make Acts of the necessary Virtues 207
Short Acts of the most necessary virtues, to be suggested to the Sick 209
Before the Last Benediction 211
Recommendation of a Departing Soul 213
Prayers to be said by the Dying Person 224
Acts of Thanksgiving, Resignation, &amp,c. 228
Mass for the Dead 283
Dies Iras 236
Various Prayers for the Dead 250
Deprofundis 254
Miserere 256
Prayers from the Office of the Dead 260
Heroic Act of Charity for the Souls in Purgatory 262
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