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Complex predicates : verbal complexes, resultative constructions, and particle verbs in German

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Complex predicates : verbal complexes, resultative constructions, and particle verbs in German
Original Title Complex predicates : verbal complexes, resultative constructions, and particle verbs in German
Author Müller, Stefan, 1968-
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Topics Com­plex Pred­i­cate, Con­trol, Rais­ing, AcI, Pas­sive, Par­ti­cle Verb, Idiom, De­pic­tive Pred­i­cate, Re­sul­ta­tive Con­struc­tion, Sec­ondary Pred­i­cate, Fronting, Mor­phol­o­gy, HPSG, German language, Grammar, Comparative and general, Gezegde, Duits, Prädikation, Resultativ, Partikelverb, Prädikat, Head-driven phrase structure grammar, Deutsch, Mehrteiliges Prädikat
Publisher Stanford, Calif. : CSLI Publications
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This book ex­am­ines var­i­ous lin­guis­tic phe­nom­e­na and de­ter­mines that cer­tain con­struc­tions should be treat­ed as com­plex pred­i­cates. Specif­i­cal­ly, the book ex­plores aux­il­iary and verb com­bi­na­tions in fu­ture, per­fect, and pas­sive con­struc­tions, causative con­struc­tions, verb com­plex con­struc­tions with rais­ing and con­trol verbs, sub­ject and ob­ject pred­ica­tives, de­pic­tive sec­ondary pred­i­cates (1), re­sul­ta­tive con­struc­tions (2), and par­ti­cle verb com­bi­na­tions. The prop­er­ties of all these con­struc­tions are stud­ied on a broad em­pir­i­cal basis, main­ly with data from Ger­man.

Originally published by CSLI press, this book is now available in a Creative Commons licensed edition thanks to funding contributed through

Includes bibliographical references (pages 411-434) and indexes

Examines a number of linguistic phenomena – including auxiliary and verb combinations, causative constructions, depictive secondary predicates, and particle and verb combinations – and uses scrambling and fronting data to determine that all except the depictive secondary predicates should be treated as complex predicates

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