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Conferences On The Spiritual Life

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Conferences On The Spiritual Life
Original Title Conferences On The Spiritual Life
Author Ravignan, Gustav François Xavier de Lacroix de, 1795-1858
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Usage Public Domain Mark 1.0freepublicdomain
Topics Spiritual life — Catholic Church, Church work with women — Catholic Church, Spiritual retreats
Publisher London, R. Washbourne
Collection folkscanomy_miscellaneous, folkscanomy, additional_collections
Language English
Book Type EBook
Material Type Book
File Type PDF
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Advice For The Month 1
The Beginning Of The Day 10
On Prayer 17
Feast Of The Purification Jesus Christ, King And Victim 25
On Devotion 31
On Repentance 40
Feast Of The Annunciation Joy And Sacrifice 51
On Grace 58
All For God 70
The Direction Of The Will 78
On Evil — Its Sources And Effects 90
On Death 103
On The Cultivation Of The Soul 115
The Example Of Jesus Christ 122
On Spiritual Progress 136
Perseverance In Prayer 144
Good Friday 155
Courage In Prayer 167
Feast Of The Passion — The Blessings To Be Gained By Suffering
Feast Of The Seven Dolours Of Mary — On Sacrifice 182
Feast Of The Seven Dolours Of Mary — The Sweetness Of Sacrifice 187
Preparation For The Feast Of Pentecost 194
Mary In Heaven 198
All Saints Day 205
Eve Of The Feast Of The Immaculate Conception 211
The End Of A Retreat 217
Means Of Progress In Piety 221
The End Of Man 229
On Sin 235
The Judgment 241
On Lukewarmness 249
The Mercy Of God 256
The Following Of Christ 263
The Spirit Of Jesus Christ 270
To Choose And To Will 275
On A Mass Of General Communion 281
End Of The Retreat 286

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