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Creative Transformation 482pgs By John David Garcia

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Creative Transformation 482pgs By John David Garcia
Original Title Creative Transformation 482pgs By John David Garcia
Topics creativity, morality, ethics
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Creativity is the mystical process by which we discover scientific
laws, invent machines and produce art. The objective is to be thoroughly
scientific in our mysticism and thoroughly mystical in our science.

Creative Transformation
leaps beyond the current worldwide debate linking quantum physics and
ancient mystic concepts. It makes bold proposals for reintegrating
science and spirit. Garcia’s synthesis for a new cosmology is of
sweeping proportions and integrates information from our most distant
evolutionary past with the latest scientific breakthroughs. Influenced
by Spinoza, Teilhard de Chardin and David Bohm, his theory of creative
transformation includes a practical application of creative
problem-solving strategies beyond science into human relations, politics
and ethics. It’s a user-friendly guide for scientists, teachers,
parents, artists, New Age activists and all who value creativity to
maximize their own abilities and find solutions to our most pressing
social, ecological, and economic problems.

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