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Daily Meditations On The Christian Life For Every Day In The Year, Volume 1: From Advent Sunday To The End Of The Whitsun Octave

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Daily Meditations On The Christian Life For Every Day In The Year, Volume 1: From Advent Sunday To The End Of The Whitsun Octave
Original Title Daily Meditations On The Christian Life For Every Day In The Year, Volume 1: From Advent Sunday To The End Of The Whitsun Octave
Author Harrison, McVeigh, 1878-
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Topics Christian life — Episcopal authors, Church year meditations, Christian life
Publisher Sewanee, Tenn. : Saint Andrew’s
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Daily Meditations On The Christian Life For Every Day In The Year, Volume 1: From Advent Sunday To The End Of The Whitsun Octave [you are here] 

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Putting on Christ 1
Christ in the Church Militant 2
Forwardness in Spiritual Enterprise 3
Returning to Our First Love 4
The Examination of Conscience 5
Satan 6
Walking with Christ in White 8
Joy and Peace in Believing 9
The Church 10
The Book of Life 11
Vocation 11
The Names on Our Foreheads 12
The Christian Feast of Tabernacles 13
Our True Riches 14
The Priesthood 15
God’s Wondrous Gifts of Grace 16
The Fruit of the Tree of Life 17
Works of Love 18
Social Power of the Christian 19
Tepidity 20
The Missionary Opportunity 21
A Holy Death 22
The Particular Judgment 24
Looking Away to Jesus 25
The Second Death 26
The Crown of Life 27
The Sun of Righteousness 28
The God-man 29
Life and Immortality with Jesus 30
Consecration of Our Will 31
Suffering for Christ’s Sake 33
The Appeal of the Nativity 34
The Son of Man 35
The Blessed Mother 36
Jesus Suffers as Our Saviour 37
Christian Renewal 38
Christian Obedience 39
Christian Faith 40
Faith, the Star Leading Us to Christ 41
Christ the Light of the World 43
Our Epiphany 44
The Incarnation and the Blessed Sacrament 46
Wisdom through Living the Hidden Life 47
Knowledge of God in Christ 4S
The Substance of This Knowledge 49
Increase of Knowledge 50
Meditation as a Means of Knowledge 51
Proving God’s Will 5 2
The Mercies of God 54
Divine Help in Our Troubles 56
To Have Our Own Way is Perilous 57
The Gifts of the Magi 58
Finding Jesus in Our Hearts 59
Christ in Our Spiritual Life 60
“Thou Hast Kept the Good Wine” 61
The Miracle of Cana Repeated in Me 62
Love of Christ Without Dissimulation 64
The Good Wine Gained through the Discipline of Prayer 65
The Lessons of Faith 66
Spiritual Discipline 67
Overcoming Evil with Good 68
The Power of Love 69
The Vision of Christ 70
The Discipline of St. Paul 71
St. Paul’s Weakness and Strength 72
St. Paul’s Greatest Work 74
Union with God through Humility 75
Spiritual Welfare Preeminent 77
Godliness (I) 78
Godliness (II) 79
Poverty 80
Escape from the World with Jesus 82
The Desert of Self-denial 83
Homesickness for Heaven 84
To the Greater Glory of Jesus 85
Devotion of Ourselves to Jesus 86
Lowliness 87
Glorifying God by Service 88
Glorifying God by Our Lives 90
Glorifying God by Eucharistic Worship (I) 91
Glorifying God by Eucharistic Worship (II) 92
Eagles of Jesus 93
The Vision 95
The Inward Grace 96
The Gift of Ourselves 97
The Work of Our Great High Priest 95
Our Sanctification 99
Effectiveness Dependent on Spirituality 100
Order in Our Spiritual Life 101
Self-Discipline 102
Working in the Vineyard 103
Our Spiritual Equipment for Service 104
The Inspiration of Our Service 105
Some Rules of Service 107
Special Kinds of Service 108
Fertile to the Divine Seed 109
The Honest aud Good Heart 110
The Honest and Good Heart Believing 111
Our Hearts Made Good by Baptism 112
We were Sanctified by Grace in Baptism 113
We Receive the Blessed Trinity in Baptism 115
Our Regeneration in Baptism 116
Our Baptismal Vows 117
Sins after Baptism 118
Our Lenten Shrift 119
Our Spiritual Warfare 120
Sin Means Missing the Mark 121
Sin is Lawlessness 122
Called to be Saints 123
Christ’s Temptation and Ours 124
The Three Typical Temptations (I) 125
The Three Typical Temptations (II) 127
Confidence under T emptation 128
The Virtues by Which We Overcome Temptation 129
The Power of the Cross in Temptation 130
Meditation on the Passion, against Temptation 131
The Progress of Our Sanctification 132
The Merit of Purity 133
The Chastity of the Bridegroom 134
The Chastity of Christ’s Bride 135
Our Nuptials with Jesus 138
Satisfying Christ’s Thirst on the Cross 137
Divine Love Overshadowing Us 138
The Life of Love 140
Bearing Little Crosses for Love’s Sake 141
Doing Penance for Love’s Sake 142
Merit of Suffering Borne for Love’s Sake 143
Suffering for Love of Others (I) 144
Suffering for Love of Others (II) 145
Loving Reparation to Jesus 147
Christian Ambition 148
Christian Quietness 149
Christian Ambition — To be Poor with Christ 150
Ambition to Hear Christ’s Subtler Calls 151
Ambition to Conquer Our Besetting Sin 152
Ambition for Spiritual Progress 154
Ambition for More Righteousness 155
The Passion, the Remedy for Sick Souls 156
The Cross the Measure of God’s Love 157
Courage from the Cross (I) 158
Courage from the Cross (II) 160
Charity from the Cross 161
Suffering in Fellowship with the Crucified 162
Humility a Gift from the Cross 163
The Church Revealed in the Passion 165
Conversion Through the Passion 166
Prayer Taught Us in the Passion 167
Coming Forth from Lent Crucified with Christ 168
The Christian Passover 170
The Sin Bearer 171
Spiritual Life is the Life that has Passed through Death 172
The Queen of Feasts 173
Christ’s Joy in His Resurrection for Our Sake 175
Our Joy for, and with, Our Lord in His Resurrection 176
The Risen Christ Our Life 177
The Risen Christ Delivering Us from Death 179
The Risen Christ Breaking the Power of Sin 180
Devotion of Self to the Risen Christ 181
Peace through the Risen Prince of Peace 182
My Life in Christ Risen 183
The First Resurrection 185
Finding the Cross 186
Peace with Ourselves 188
Peace with Our Neighbor through the Risen Christ (I) 189
Peace with Our Neighbor through the Risen Christ (II) 190
Hope through the Good Shepherd 191
The Power of Faith in Our Lord’s Resurrection 193
Easter Teaching about Holy Communion 194
The Good Shepherd Desiring to Give Us His Risen Life 195
Receiving the Gift of Christ’s Risen Life 196
Practicing the Presence of the Risen. Lord 198
The Resurrection Sealing the Truth of Christ’s Words 199
The Joy of Life from the Risen Christ 200
Concentrating Our Spiritual Vision upon Jesus Risen 201
Easter and Penitence 203
The Glory of Penitence 204
Our Own Resurrection 205
Our Resurrection Body Prepared by Christ in Heaven 206
Christ Conforming Us to Himself 208
Devotion to Catholic Truth 209
Means to Increase Our Faith 210
Faith in the Unseen World 212
The Intermediate State 213
Prayers for the Holy Dead 215
The Qualities of Our Risen Body 216
Holy Unction 217
Prayer for Temporal Benefits 219
Our Dispositions in Prayer 220
Mistaken Prayers 222
Apparent Fruitlessness of Prayer 223
Christ’s Work in Heaven 224
Looking Up to Jesus 226
Turning to the Stronghold 227
Prayers in Church 228
Holy Familiarity with God in Prayer 229
Intercession 230
Mental Prayer 232
The Prayers of the Saints 233
Our Lord’s Example in Prayer 234
The Spirit of Supplications 235
The Spirit of Union 237
The Spirit of Truth 238
The Spirit of Power 239
The Indwelling of the Holy Ghost 240
The Spirit of Consecration 241
The Spirit of Sonship to God 242
The Spirit of Love 243
Obedience to the Heavenly Vision 245
The Dedication of My Saviour 246
The Holy Ghost, not “Chance,” Controlling Us 247
God’s Love for Mary, and Ours 249
Christ Strengthening the Weak 250
Christ Spiritualizing the Practical Temperament 251
A Son of Exhortation 253

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