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Dialogue of Christianity and Marxism

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Dialogue of Christianity and Marxism
Original Title Dialogue of Christianity and Marxism
Author Klugmann, James, 1912-1977, ed., Lewis, John, 1889 -1976, Edward, Charles, MacKinnon, Donald M., 1913-1994 , Fox, Adam, 1883–1977, Dunman, Jack, 1911-1972, Corbishley, Thomas, 1903-1976 , Runcorn, D. B. , Ecclestone, Alan, 1904-1992, Barton, William, Cunningham, Adrian , Oestreicher, Paul, b. 1931
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Topics Marxism, Christianity, religion, ideology, dialogue
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London: Lawrence and Wishart, 1968. — 112 p.

In March 1966 there was published in Marxism Today an article by Dr John Lewis entitled “Dialogue between Christianity and Marxism”. In preceding years “the dialogue”, as it had come to be known, had developed widely on the European Continent, and in areas like Latin America. In a number of different ways, it was spreading to Britain where, it should be said, discussion and common action between Christians and Marxists were by no means new. The Editorial Board of Marxism Today, wishing to further the dialogue, sent Dr Lewis’ article to a number of Christians of different denominations, inviting them to join in the discussion. To our extreme pleasure, the invitation met with a warm response, some accepting, others, too busy, wishing us well, and no-one at all opposing or rejecting. Over the next eighteen months we printed a dozen contributions, nine by Christians and three by Marxists, and then asked Dr Lewis not to close the discussion, nor even to reply to it (for this would in a sense have gone counter to the extending dialogue) but to give his personal views on the discussion to date. All the contributions received were printed as received, uncut, unedited. As they were printed in Marxism Today, so they are reprinted in this volume.


Preface by James Klugmann

John Lewis
Edward Charles
D. M. MacKinnon
John Lewis
Adam Fox
Jack Dunman
Thomas Corbishley
D. B. Runcorn
William Barton
Alan Ecclestone
Adrian Cunningham
Paul Oestreicher
James Klugmann
John Lewis

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