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Disunion And Reunion

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Disunion And Reunion
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Disunion And Reunion

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Author: Madden, William Joseph, d. 1905

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Language: eng

Subjects: Mystical union

Publishers: London : Burns & Oates

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Year: 1897

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Disunion And Reunion

April 30, 2022

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Disunion And Reunion

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Disunion And Reunion
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CONTENTS PART I SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS Contradictions — Efforts to Unite — The Chicago Parliament of Religions — Eucharistic Congress — Other Signs of the Times 1-27 PART II THE CAUSES OF CHRISTIAN DISUNION The Greek Schism — Photius — The Pope and the Greeks — The Schism 28-56 PART III THE PROTESTANT DEFECTION I. Predisposing Causes — A Contrast — Erasmus 57-72 II. Germany — Friar Luther — Why Kings abetted Luther — The Teutonic Knights 72-85 III. Other Countries — Sweden — Denmark — Norway — Switzerland — Calvin — Wishart and Knox — John Knox and Scotland 85-97 IV. England's Case — Cranmer — Edward and Mary 97-112 V. Elizabeth — The End — Two Difficulties 113-125 PART IV THE CHURCH'S ANSWER TO THE REFORMERS I. True Reform — The Church's Action 126-130 II. Some True Reformers — St. Philip Neri — St. Charles Borromeo — St. Ignatius — The Jesuits 131-149 PART V THE CHURCH'S FINAL ANSWER TO THE REFORMERS The Council of Trent 150-168 Conclusion 169-178 Digitized by Google.

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