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Dominican missions and martyrs in Japan

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Dominican missions and martyrs in Japan
Original Title Dominican missions and martyrs in Japan
Author Wilberforce, Bertrand Arthur Henry, 1839-1904, Manning, Henry Edward, 1808-1892
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Topics Dominicans, Missions — Japan, Dominicans — Japan, Missions
Publisher London : Art and Book Co. : Catholic Truth Society
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I. — Introduction of Christianity into Japan. Rise of Persecution. The First Martyrs 1
II. — Entrance of the Dominicans into Japan 11
III. — Outbreak of the Persecution. Martyrdom of Father Peter of the Assumption, O.S.F., and Father Baptist Tavora, S.J. 26
IV. — Life and Martyrdom of Blessed Father Alphonsus Navarette 33
V. — Capture of Father Thomas of the Holy Ghost. Heroism of Native Members of the Holy Rosary 51
VI. — The Prisons of Satsuta. Father John of S. Dominic. His Death. Imprisonment of Father Francis de Morales and Father Alphonsus de Mena 60
VII. — The Rosarians of Japan 69
VIII. — Father Lewes Floras 79
IX. — The Great Martyrdom 87
X. — Martyrdom of Brother Lewis Yakiki. Father Didacus Collado. Life and Martyrdom of Blessed Father Peter Vasquez 112
XI. — Life and Martyrdom of Blessed Lewis Bertrand. The Fires of Mount Ungen. Blessed Father Dominic Castellet — his Labours and Martyrdom 128
XII. — Missionaries sent from Manilla. Martyrdom of the last Dominicans in Japan 140
XIII. — Missionaries unable to enter Japan. The Dutch. The late Discovery of Christians. Conclusion 155
Appendix — The Present Condition of the Church in Japan 179
List of Dominican Martyrs in Japan 182

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