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Radio Wave Propagation In The Presence Of A Tropospheric Duct

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Radio Wave Propagation In The Presence Of A Tropospheric Duct
Original Title Radio Wave Propagation In The Presence Of A Tropospheric Duct
Author Dresp, M. R, Mitre Corporation, United States. Air Force. Systems Command. Electronic Systems Division. Deputy for Planning and Technology
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Topics Radio Propagation, Ionospheric radio wave propagation, Tropospheric Ducting, Radio Wave Propagation, Tropospheric radio wave propagation, Radio wave propagation
Publisher Bedford, Mass. : Deputy for Planning and Technology, Electronic Systems Division, Air Force System Command, U.S. Air Force , Springfield, Va. : Available through the National Technical Information Service
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“A full-wave solution has been obtained for radio wave propagation in the presence of an elevated tropospheric layer. This analysis was performed as part of the CNI (Communication, Navigation, Identification) experimental program. The tropospheric layer is modeled as a trilinear refractive index profile with a sufficient lapse rate so as to result in an elevated duct. The analytical solutions give the received signal level for air-to-air propagation paths at UHF, the corresponding signal fading level, and the space diversity distance to insure good quality reception. The analysis performed here can be applied to ionospheric propagation and to the underwater acoustic channel.”Digitized by www.dtic.milPrepared by the Mitre Corp. under contract F19628-71-C-0002Issued Dec. 1972Includes bibliographical references (pages 97-98)
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