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Ravenna, a study

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Ravenna, a study
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Ravenna, a study

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Author: Hutton, Edward, 1875-

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Subjects: Architecture -- Italy -- Ravenna, Ravenna (Italy) -- History, Architecture

Publishers: London, J.M. Dent; New York, E.P. Dutton

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CONTENTS I. The Geographical and Political Position of Ravenna 1 II. Julius Gssar in Ravenna 11 III. Ravenna in the Time of the Empire 18 IV. The Retreat upon Ravenna 30 Honorius and Galla Placidia V. The Fall of the Empire in the West 47 VI. Theodoric 55 VII. The Reconquest 76 Vitiges, Belisarius, Totila, Narses VIII. Modica Quies 103 The Pragmatic Sanction and the Settlement of Italy IX. The Citadel of the Empire in Italy 112 The Lombard Invasion X. The Papal State 144 Pepin and Charlemagne XI. The Catholic Churches of the Fifth Century 159 The Cathedral, Baptistery, Arcivescovado, S. Agata, S. Pietro Maggiore, S. Giovanni Evangelista, S. Giovanni Battdsta, and the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia XII. The Arian Churches of the Sixth Century 182 The Palace of Theodoric, S. Apollinare Nuovo, S. Spirito, S. Maria in Cosmedin, the Mausoleum of Theodoric XIII. The Byzantine Churches 196 S. Vitale and S. Apollinare in Classe XIV. Ravenna in the Middle Age 210 XV. Dante in Ravenna 221 XVI. Medieval Ravenna 240 The Churches XVII. Ravenna in the Renaissance 251 The Battle of 1512 XVIII. Renaissance Ravenna 262 Churches and Palaces XIX. The Gallery and the Museum 276 XX. The Pineta 275 Index 287 LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS COLOURED PLATES S. Apollinare Nuovo Frontispiece COLOURED PLATES The Mausoleum of Theodoric 68 S. Vitale: the Gallery 98 S. Giovanni Evangelista 144 The Mausoleum of Galla Placidia 178 S. Vitale: the Presbytery 198 S. Giovanni Battista 218 S. Maria in Porto 240 Porta Serrata 266 LINE DRAWINGS PAGE Sketch Map 4 Sketch Map 6 Sketch Map 8 Greek Relief from a Temple of Neptune 25 Sarcophagus of the Emperor Honorius 32 The Apse of S. Giovanni Evangelista 43 The Mausoleum of Galla Placid ia 45 Capital from the Colonnade in Piazza Maggiore 63 S. Apollinare in Classe 67 Capital from S. Vitale 71 Capital from Santo Spirito 73 Sketch Map 86 Sketch Map of Cities in Imperial Hands 89 Sketch Map showing N arses' March to meet Totila 100 Sketch Map 120 The Sarcophagus of the Exarch Isaac 128 Guardhouse of the Palace of Theodoric 155 The Cathedral {Basilica Ursiana) 162 The Baptistery and Campanile of the Cathedral 171 The Campanile of S. Giovanni Evangelista 177 S. Vitale 197 Capital from S. Vitale 201 Interior of S. Apollinare in Classe 205 Capital from S. Vitale 207 The Campanile of S. Apollinare 211 Casa Polentana 223 Dante's Tomb 233 Campanile of S. Francesco 239 Interior of S. Maria m Porto Fuori 243 Torre del Comune 247 Portal of S. Giovanni Evangelista 249 Rocca Veniziana 253 Monument of Gaston de Fode 261 The Cloister of S. Giovanni Evangelista 265 The Pinbta 275 The Peseta 277 To Porto Corsini 286 Plan of Ravenna see front end paper Digitized by Google.
Plan of Ravenna on front lining-paper

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