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Reading and learning : adaptive content recognition

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Reading and learning : adaptive content recognition
Original Title Reading and learning : adaptive content recognition
Author Dengel, Andreas, Junker, Markus, Weisbecker, Anette, Adaptive READ (Project)
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Topics Information resources management, Information retrieval, Optical data processing, Image processing, Information technology, Information storage and retrieval systems
Publisher Berlin , New York : Springer
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Reading and Learning: Adaptive Content RecognitionAuthor: Andreas Dengel, Markus Junker, Anette Weisbecker Published by Springer Berlin Heidelberg ISBN: 978-3-540-21904-0 DOI: 10.1007/b96988Table of Contents:Error Tolerant Color Deskew
Adaptive Threshold
Neighbourhood Related Color Segmentation Based on a Fuzzy Color Classification TooL
Improving Image Processing Systems by Artificial Neural Networks
Adaptive Segmentation of Multicoloured Documents without a Marked Background
Recognition of Short Handwritten Texts
Handwritten Address Recognition Using Hidden Markov Models
Adaptive Combination of Commercial OCR Systems
Component-Based Software Engineering Methods for Systems in Document Recognition, Analysis, and Understanding
A Component-Based Framework for Recognition Systems
smartFIX: An Adaptive System for Document Analysis and Understanding
How Postal Address Readers Are Made Adaptive
A Tool for Semi-automatic Document Reengineering
Inspecting Document Collections
Introducing Query Expansion Methods for Collaborative Information Retrieval
Improving Document Transformation Techniques with Collaborative Learned Term-Based Concepts
Passage Retrieval Based on Density Distributions of Terms and Its Applications to Document Retrieval and Question Answering
Results of a Survey about the Use of Tools in the Area of Document Management”This book presents major research and development findings achieved in the project Adaptive READ funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research”–P. [4] of coverIncludes bibliographical references and author index
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