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Reforming Europe : the role of the centre-right

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Reforming Europe : the role of the centre-right
Original Title Reforming Europe : the role of the centre-right
Author Arvanitopoulos, Kōnstantinos
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Topics Centrum (nauki polityczne), Prawica (nauki polityczne)
Publisher Berlin , Heidelberg : Springer
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Reforming Europe: The Role of the Centre-RightAuthor: Constantine Arvanitopoulos Published by Springer Berlin Heidelberg ISBN: 978-3-642-00559-6 DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-00560-2Table of Contents:Introduction
The History and Foundations of European Integration: A Contribution to the Debate on the Future of the Union
The Centre-Right for a New Europe
Knowledge: The Foundation for a Stronger Europe
The EPP’s Role during the European Electoral Campaigns in 2004 and 2009
Society, Values, Politics: Reflections on the Basic Dilemmas of European Society and the Demand for Moral Choices
Conservative Challenges
Looking for the Causes and Consequences of the Global Financial and Banking Crisis: Neo-Liberalism in the Dock
Pragmatism, Not the Market: On the Politico-Economic Division of Labour
The EU Needs a Social Market Economy, Now More Than Ever
The ‘Strong State’ Paradigm: Good Government and the State in Central and Eastern Europe – Why Do We Need a Stronger State?
The European Centre-Right and European Integration: The Formative Years
The Emergence of a New European Centre-Right, 1945–1962
The Origins and Foundation of the New Democracy Party
Sense and Sensibility: EU Eastern Enlargement and the Future of Europe’s Centre-Right
‘Left’ and ‘Right’ in Slovenian Political Life and Public DiscourseU dołu s. tyt.: Constantinos Karamanlis Institute for Democracy, CES – Centre for European StudiesBibliogr. przy art. Indeks
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