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Religion, third book and supplementary third reader

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Religion, third book and supplementary third reader
Original Title Religion, third book and supplementary third reader
Author Pace, Edward A. (Edward Aloysius), 1861-1938, Shields, Thomas Edward, 1862-1921
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Topics Catholic Education Series, Textbook, Religious Education — Textbooks For Children — Catholic, Religious education
Publisher Washington, D.C. : Catholic Education Press
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TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface 5 Prayers 8 Illustrations 9 Poems 10 The Church 11 Faith, Hope and Charity 13 The Ark 22 The Flood 24 The Rainbow 27 The Call of Abraham 31 Joseph is Betrayed by his Brothers 39 Joseph is Rewarded for his Faithfulness 44 Joseph Returns Good for Evil 51 Joseph Saves His Brothers 56 Jesus Founds His Church 64 Sacrifice 79 Early Sacrifices 81 Abraham’s Obedience 88 The Paschal Lamb 95 The Lamb of God 103 The New Commandment 111Jesus Prays in the Garden 117 Jesus is Condemned to Death 127 Jesus is Crucified 138 Jesus Rises from the Dead 151 The Holy Eucharist 159 Bread and Wine 164 The Promise 172 The Last Supper 175 God With Us 183 Across the Red Sea 185 Mount Sinai 190 Building of the Tabernacle 194 Sacrifices in the Tabernacle 200 The Temple 203 The Upper Room 210 The First Christians 215 The Catacombs 222 PRAYERS Prayer for June 30 12 Act of Faith 19 Act of Hope 19 Act of Charity 19 The Apostles’ Creed 75 Prayer for the Feast of the Precious Blood 79 Prayer for the Feast of Corpus Christi 159 Prayer for the Feast of the Purification 183 ILLUSTRATIONSThe Holy Trinity, Durer 2 Christ’s Charge to Peter, Raphael 12 Faith, Raphael 14 Hope, Raphael 16 Charity, Raphael 17 Building the Ark, Raphael 23 The Deluge, Dore 25 Leaving the Ark, Raphael 26 Journeying to the Land of Chanaan, Dor6 33 Abraham Counting the Stars, Raphael 34 Joseph Sold, Raphael 41 The Despair of Jacob, Schopin 42 Joseph Explaining Pharao’s Dream, Dore 47 Joseph and his Brothers, Dore 59 Joseph Welcomes his Father, Schopin 61 Moses Gives the Law to the People, Raphael 65 Christ and the Rich Young Man, Hofmann 65Christ and the Fishermen, Zimmerman 67 The Ascension, Dore 71 The Descent of the Holy Ghost 76 The Crucifixion, Guido Reni 80 Noe’s Sacrifice, Raphael 82 Sacrifice of Abraham, Rembrandt 91 The First Passover, Stuerhoudt 97 The First Born Slain, Dore 98 Egyptians Urge Moses to Depart, Dore 99 The Baptism of Christ, Murillo 105 Entry into Jerusalem, Plockhorst 107 The Prayer in the Garden, Hoffnann 118 Take Your Rest, Hoffnann 121 Christ Before Caiphas, Holbein 128 Christ Before Pilate, Munkacsy 130 Behold the Man, Giseri 134 Leaving Pilate’s House, Dore 136 Christ Carrying His Cross, Raphael 139 The Entombment, Titian 143 Jesus and Magdalen, Correggio 153 On the Way to Emmaus, Furst 155 The Last Supper, Da Vinci 160 Abraham and Melchisedeck, Raphael 166 Communion in the Village, Salmson 177 Presentation of Christ in the Temple 184 Leaving Egypt 186Egyptians Drowned in the Red Sea, Dore 189 Moses Striking the Rock, Murillo 191 Mount Sinai, Bartlett 192Receiving the Law, Raphael 193 Coming Down From Sinai, Dore 194 The Ark of the Covenant, Raphael 203 The Cedars of Lebanus, Dore 206 St. Peter Delivered from Prison, Raphael 216 POEMS Light, Tabb 13 Faith, Hope and Love, Spalding 18Prayers, Hastings 20 Charity, Tabb 22 Temptation, O’Donnell 24 The Seashell, Tabb 27Vocation, O’ Donnell 31 The Seed, Tabb 36 The Power of God, Moore 38 Our Brother, O’Donnell 64 Veni Creator Spiritus, St Gregory 73 The Church, O’Donnell 75 God, Tabb 81 The Brand of Cain, Newman 84 Sacrifice, O’Donnell 86 Abraham’s Obedience, O’Donnell 88 Other Christs, O’Donnell 100 Palm Sunday, Theodulphus 108 Content, Tabb 113 O Tender Jesus, St. Bernard 115Gethsemane, Roman Breviary 126 Lest the Whole People Die, Spalding 127 The Passion, Roman Breviary 136 Calvary, Tabb 138 Christ’s Sacrifice, O’Donnell 144 The Passion, St, Bonaventure 150 Earth’s Tribute, Tabb 151 Resurrection, O’Donnell 157 Lauda Sion, St, Thomas Aquinas 161 The Raven Builds Her Nest, Alexander 171 Pange Lingua, St, Thomas Aquinas 174 Easter Communion, Faber 178 Hymn for the Blessed Sacrament, St, Thomas 182 Sound the Loud Timbrel, Moore 190 Temples, O’Donnell 207 Consolation, Newman, 217 Beata Nobis Gaudia, St. Hilary 219 Digitized by Google.
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