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Religious Emblems and Allegories: a series of engravings, designed to illustrate divine truth.

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Religious Emblems and Allegories: a series of engravings, designed to illustrate divine truth.
Original Title Religious Emblems and Allegories: a series of engravings, designed to illustrate divine truth.
Author Holmes, William
Publication date

Usage public domain
Topics Emblems, Allegories, Engraving, English, Christian life, Symbolism in art
Publisher London : W. Tegg
Collection folkscanomy_miscellaneous, folkscanomy, additional_collections
Language English
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Material Type Book
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True and False Principles 1
Truth 4
Symbols of Christian Faith 8
The Way of Holiness 12
The Weight of God’s Word 16
The Christian Race 19
Salvation 23
The Christian Soldier 26
The Strait and Narrow Gate 30
Double-Mindedness 34
The House Founded on a Rock 38
Self-Confidence 42
The Sun of Truth 45
Light in Darkness 48
The Worldling 52
The Cross-Bearer 56
Worldly Honour 60
Heavenly Defire 64
The Fatal Current 63
Salvation by Faith 72
Simplicity, or want of Understanding 7
The Persecuted Christian 80
The Soul in Bondage 84
Danger of Self-Indulgence 88
Carnal Security 92
The Threefold Demon, or Envy, Hatred, and Malice 96
Christian Faith, or Religion 100
Hope 104
Brotherly kindness 108
Divine Love and Justice 112
Reconciliation 116
Adoption 120
Spiritual Pride 124
Hypocrisy 128
Slander and Backbiting 132
The Tree of Evil 136
Anger, or Madness 140
Repentance 144
Fearful and Fearless 148
The two Worldlings 152
Faith and Works 155
Precipitation, or Rashness 159
Vain Pursuits 163
Danger of Greatness 167
Guilt 171
Patience and Long-Suffering 175
Temptation 179
Prudence and Foresight 183
Fortitude and Constancy 187
The Fast-Anchored Ship 191
Unanimity 195
Looking unto Jesus 201
Walking by Faith 208
The Sure Guide 215
Charity, or Love 223
Pride and Humility 230
The Sacrifice 238
No Cross, no Crown 246
The Life-Boat 253
Obedience and Wisdom 260
Danger of Presumption 268
Decision and Perseverance 276
Passion and Patience 284
The Conquering Christian 291
The Imperial Philanthropist 298
The Wintry Atmosphere 305
The Protected Traveller 310
The Pearl of Great Price 320
The Great Discovery 327
Passage through the Desert 335
Selfishness 342
The Imperial Passenger 349
Venturing by Faith 357
Path of Life and Way of Death 365
Past, Present, Future 373
Providence, Time, Eternity 381
Triumph of Christianity 389

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