[PDF] Religious orders, or, Sketches of some of the orders and congregations of women. By the author of &quot,Eastern hospitals&quot,, etc. etc - eBookmela

Religious orders, or, Sketches of some of the orders and congregations of women. By the author of &quot,Eastern hospitals&quot,, etc. etc

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Religious orders, or, Sketches of some of the orders and congregations of women. By the author of &quot,Eastern hospitals&quot,, etc. etc
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Religious orders, or, Sketches of some of the orders and congregations of women. By the author of "Eastern hos

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Author: Taylor, Mary Magdalen, 1832-1900

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Subjects: Monasticism and religious orders for women, Sisterhoods -- Great Britain, Convents -- Great Britain, Sisterhoods

Publishers: London, Burns and Lambert

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Religious orders, or, Sketches of some of the orders and congregations of women. By the author of &quot,Eastern hospitals&quot,, etc. etc

April 4, 2022

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Religious orders, or, Sketches of some of the orders and congregations of women. By the author of &quot,Eastern hospitals&quot,, etc. etc

April 4, 2022

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Religious orders, or, Sketches of some of the orders and congregations of women. By the author of &quot,Eastern hospitals&quot,, etc. etc
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Religious orders, or, Sketches of some of the orders and congregations of women. By the author of &quot,Eastern hospitals&quot,, etc. etc
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Religious orders, or, Sketches of some of the orders and congregations of women. By the author of &quot,Eastern hospitals&quot,, etc. etc
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Religious orders, or, Sketches of some of the orders and congregations of women. By the author of &quot,Eastern hospitals&quot,, etc. etc
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Religious orders, or, Sketches of some of the orders and congregations of women. By the author of &quot,Eastern hospitals&quot,, etc. etc
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TABLE OF CONTENTS. INTRODUCTION. Foundation of Religious Life — -The Early Christians — St. Mary Magdalene — Life of Our Blessed Lady — Traditions — The Virgins of the Early Church — Monastic Life — St. Antony — St. Syncletica — Her Mode of Life — The First Monasteries of Women — The Professions — St. Machrina — Nuns of St. Basil — Traces of different Convents in Early Ages — The true idea of Religious Life 1 RULE OF ST. AUGUSTINE. Religious Life in Africa — Canonesses — Their Duties — St. Augustine's Counsels to them — His Letter — He draws up his Rule — Augustinian Religious — Form of Government — How the Rule is Divided — Its Spirit — Mutual Charity — Practice of Poverty — The Chapter on Prayer — The Vow of Chastity — On Humility — Dress of the Religious — Care of the Sick — Holy Obedience — Conduct of the Superioress — Study of the Rule — Spirit of St. Austin — Development of the Rule in after Years — Becomes a Monastic Code 7 CANONESSES OF THE HOLY SEPULCHRE. Traditions of the Order — St James of Jerusalem — Melania — Fall of Jerusalem — St. Helen — Difficulty of tracing the Progress of the Order — Their Rule that of St. Austin — The Comtesse de Chaligny enters the Order — Increase of Convents — Constitutions of the Order — The Convent in Paris — The Prioress Renee — Her Religious Virtues — Her Dying Advice — Circular Letters — Government of the Order — Its Obligations — Miss Hawley and Miss Cary — The Convent at Liege — The Community in England — Dress of the Order 12 CANONESSES OF ST. JOHN OF JERUSALEM. Date of Foundation — Hospital at Jerusalem — Convent at Saragossa — Rule Confirmed — Their Alliance with the Order of the Knights of St. John — Their Ceremonies — Other Convents of the Order — Their Dress — Ceremony of Clothing and Profession — The Siege of Rhodes — Obligations of the Nuns 21 ORDER OF MOUNT CARMEL. Traditions of the Order — The Rule — Dispersion of the Order — Scapular of Mount Carmel — Nuns of the Order — Their Spirit — The Apostolate of Carmel — The Rule — Relaxation of the Order — Its wonderful Reform — St. Teresa — Her Life well known — Her intense Love for God — Her Success in her Undertaking — Her Death — Constitutions of the Order — Spirit of St. Teresa — Qualifications for the Novices — The Night Office — Outline of the Life — Great Care to be shown to the Sick — The Saintly Religious of this Order — Its Foundation in France — Madame Acarie — Her brilliant Gifts — Her great Sanctity — Life of St. Teresa — The Councils at the Chartreux — St. Francis de Sales — Postulants for the Order — Madame Acarie's wise Advice — The Future •before her — The Convent of the Order is opened — Madame Acarie's Widowhood — Enters the Order — Her Saintly Life — Her Obedience and Humility — Makes her Profession — Her Illness — Her Last Trials — Her Death — Her Beatification 30 ORDER OF MOUNT CARMEL — continued . Louise de la Valliere — Her Conversion — Determines to be a Carmelite — Her Clothing — Her Life of True Penance — Her Humility and Mortification — Her Forgiveness of Injuries — Her Holy Death — Progress of the Order — Madame Louise de France — The Court of Louis Quinze — Vocation of the Princess Louise — Enters the Convent at St. Denis — Novena of our Lady — Courage of the Royal Postulant — Her Clothing — Splendour of the Ceremony — Marie Antoinette — Profession of Louise — Her Progress in Virtue — Her Advice — Her Self-Denial — Her Love for her Order — Her Death 53 ORDER OF MOUNT CARMEL — continued, France in 1757 — The House of De Soyecourt — Mademoiselle de Trop — The Little Camille — Her First Trial — Her First Communion — Her Vocation — Her Trials in the World — Her Entrance into Religion — The Prise d' habit — Louis Philippe and Madame de Genlis — Fervour of Sceur Camille — She makes her Vows — Her Advancement in Virtue — Threatenings of Danger — Dispersion of the Nuns — Good Friday, 1793 — Camille's Terrible Sufferings — Her Patience and Submission — Her Long Walks — The well-plaited Cap — Death of her Father — Martyrdom of the Carmelites at Compicgne — Close of the Reign of Terror — The First Benediction — House of the Vache Noir — Restoration of Property — Convent of the Cannes — Touching Reminiscences — St. Teresa's Picture — Anxieties of Camille — Her Exile — The Pere de Cloriviere — Breakfast with the Pope — Close of Camille's long Life — Her Peace and Joy — The Carmelite Chronicles — Marie des Anges — Madame d'Autry — Henry HI. — A strong penchant — Shrine of St. Denis — Sister Louise — The Altar Stone — The Good Angel The Silver Lamp before the Altar — The Convent at Lanheme — Government of the Order 66 ORDER OF THE POOR CLARES COLLETINES. St. Francis of Assissi — Rise of his Order — St. Clare — Palm Sunday — Convent of St. Damian — Rule of the Poor Ladies — The Seraphic Father — His Farewell to his Children — The Attack on the Convent — St. Clare's Defence — Assissi is Saved — Confirmation of the Rule — St. Clare's Christmas Night — Her Last Blessing — Her Glorious Death — The Spirit of Dispensations — The Urbanistes — St. Collette — Seeks to know her Vocation — Her Hermitage — Reforms the Order of St. Clare — Isabeau de Bourbon — St. Collette's Last Desire — The Rule of the Order — Its Different Chapters — Duties of the Abbess — Testament of St. Clare — Constitutions of St. Collette — The various Regulations — The Elections —The Chapters — Character of the Life of a Poor Clare — Their Daily Rule — Saints of the Order — Blessed Cunegonde — St. Catherine of Bologna — Government of the Order 96 ORDER OF THE PERPETUAL ADORATION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT. Necessity of this Order — The Spirit of Reparation — Catherine de Bar — Her Retreat — Her Profession Ring — War in Lorraine — Catherine becomes a Benedictine — Takes the name of Mecthilde — The War of the Fronde — The Marquise de Beauves — The Idea of the New Order — Anne of Austria — The Priest's Prayer — The Order is founded — The Trials of Mecthilde — Observances of the Order — The Daily Victim — The Watchword of the Order — Their only Abbess — Their Prioress — Their Interior Spirit — Their Ceremonials — Confirmation of the Order — Mademoiselle Louise de Bourbon-Conde — Her Childhood — The Court of Louis XVI. — The Royal Friendship — Charity of Louise — The Pere Beauregard — Beginning of Troubles - Louise's Vocation — Writes to her Father — Letter from Louis XVI. — Louise takes the Franciscan Habit — Is driven from her Convent — Is an Exile — Her Sorrows — Her Retreat — Her Secret Vows — The Order of La Trappe — The Comte du Nord — Louise enters a Convent of the Perpetual Adoration — Death of the Due d'Enghien — Her Affection for him — Her Players — Her Spirit of Forgiveness — She goes to England — The Pere de la Fontaine — Return of the Bourbons to France — The Novena — The Temple — The Cent Jours — The New Convent is opened — Death of the Prince de Conde — Humility of the Princess — Baptism of the Bells — Louise's last illness — Her Holy Counsels — The Chapter of Peace 124 ORDER OF THE VISITATION OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN. Wants of the Age — St. Francis of Sales — Beauty of his Character — St. Jane Frances de Chantal — Foundation of the Order— St. Francis's first idea is overruled — The Spirit of Interior Mortification — The Peculiarity of this Order — Careful Regulations of the Founder — The Three Classes of Sisters — The Different Offices — Care of the Sick — The Infirmarian — The Lay Sisters — Government of the Order — Sanctity of Madame de Chantal — The Last Meeting with St. Francis — The Twofold Relic — Her Last Sorrow — Her Holy Death — Marie Jacqueline Favre — The ball at Chambery — Jacqueline's Resolve — Her Life of Suffering — Her Calm and. Happy End — Anne Coste — The Secret Communion — The Guardian Angels — Anne's work among the Poor — Becomes a Lay Sister — Her Parting with St. Francis — Her Vision of his Death — Margaret Mary Alacoque — The Devotion to the Sacred Heart — The mode of Life of the Visitation Nuns — St. Francis's Exhortation — Renewal of Vows 158 ORDER OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD. Charity of the Middle Ages — New Orders wanted — The Conversion of Sinners — Pere Eudes — His Congregation — Founds the Order of the Good Shepherd — Its Confirmation — Death of Pere Eudes — The Revolution — The Market Women — The Sisters go out to Glean — The Convent of St. Michel — Its Extent — The Conspirator — The Different "Classes" — The Pope's Brief— The Mother-House at Angers — The Foundation of the Order in England — The Ship's Signal — The Visit to Chelsea — Trials of the Nuns — The First Convent is opened — The Mere Marie de St. Joseph — Increase of the Work — Funeral of the Superioress — The Order at Vienna — Prison Work — The chains of Body and Soul — The Courage and Faith of the Nuns — State of the Prisoners — The Retreat — A Blessed Change — The Prison regime — The Fete Dieu — Coming Sorrow — Convent at Tripoli — The East Indies — The Orphan Class — The Christian Prince — The Indian Ladies — Description of the Work of the Good Shepherd Nuns — Their Hardships — Consecrated Penitents — The Magdalenes — Touching Incidents — The Obstinate Sinner — The Haunted Death-bed — The Last Moment — The Five Classes — Dress of the Order 18fi ORDER OF THE SACRED HEART. The close of the Eighteenth Century — The Pfere de Toumely and the Pere Varin — Madeleine Sophie Barat — Devotion to the Sacred Heart — Foundation of the Order — Its Object — Mode of Education — Love of the Poor— The Rule and Constitutions — GreatProgress of the Order — The Noviciate — The Vows — Susanne Geoffroy — Her Destiny Foretold — Her Childish Faith — Wise Advice of her Director — Father Draut— Prediction of the Revolution — Susanne's Courage — The Community of Ladies — La Providence — Susanne enters the Order of the Sacred Heart — Her Noviciate — The House at Niort — The Mere Emilie — Susanne's generous Sacrifice — General Council of the Order — The Mere Geoflroy goes to Lyons — Her letters — Her Humility — Her Veneration for the Order of St. Ignatius — Her beautiful Death 210 CONGREGATION OF ST. CLOTILDE. Peculiarity of the Rule — Cause of its Foundation — The First Religious — The Pilgrimage to the Calvary — The Pere Rauzan — His Views for the New Congregation -*His Hesitation — Design of the Order — Courage of the Nuns — Character of their Life — Their Dress — Their Name — Letters from the P&re Rauzan — His Advice to the Novice-Mistress, and Superioress — His Death — Education given by the Nuns of St. Clotilde — Its Results 227 CONGREGATION OF THE SISTERS OF CHARITY OF ST. VINCENT DE PAUL. Their Name well known — St. Vincent de Paul — Beauty of his Life — His Captivity — His Song in a Strange Land — Founds a Congregation of Men — His various Good Works — His Midnight Walks — His Influence at Court — His marvellous Humility — Confraternity of the Ladies of Charity — Servants of the Poor — The Peasant Girl — The First Sister of Charity— Arrival of others — Simplicity of their Life — The Queen of Poland — Conferences of St. Vincent — Their Beauty — St. Vincent's Prayers — Actual Foundation of the Order — Its Title — Stability of St. Vincent's work — The Keystone — Holy Obedience — The Presence of God — Humility of St. Vincent — Touching instance of this — His Submission to others — Advice on Sickness — Saying of Pope Clement — Example set by Peasants — The Religious Spirit — Destiny of the Company — Love of Contempt — Difficulty of Learning Humility — The First Sisters — Anecdote of St. Vincent — Mademoiselle Legras — Her Early Life — Her Love of God — Is guided by St. Vincent — Governs the Sisters — Her Wise Advice — Her Love of Holy Poverty — Her Obedience — Her Devotion to the Poor — Her Affection for the Sisters — Her DeepHumility — Advice to those Travelling — Her Severe Illness — Her Deep Contrition — Her Death-bed — Her Last Cross — Her Farewell Blessing — St. Vincent's Opinion of her — Her Grave — The Close of St. Vincent's Life — His Confidence for the Future — Mathurine Guerin — Her First Disappointment — Her Mother's Love for her — Becomes a Sister of Charity — A Sad Easter — Triumph of Truth — Mathurine is Superioress-General — Is miraculously Cured — End of her Life — Julienne Jouvin — Her Natural Gifts — Her Director — Her Entrance into the Order — Her Power over others — Her Sanctity — Her Spiritual Gifts — Her Friendship with the Queen — Her Longings for Death — Love for the Will of God — Her Saintly Death — Counsels left by her — Her Favourite Devotion — Her Opinion of Jansenism — Her Love for her Vocation — Her Daily Aspirations — Progress of the Order — The Revolution — The Mfere Deleau — Strange Sights in France — Invitation to Dance — The Assembling of the Order — The Lineage of St. Vincent — Visit of the Pope — Reappearance of the Comette — The Maison Mere — The Order in America — Eliza Anne Seton — The Journey to Italy — Mental Conflicts — The Sisterhood of St. Joseph — Their Hardships — Request to be received as Sisters of St. Vincent — Letter of Soeur Bizeray — Refusal of Passports — The Rule — Government of Mother Seton — Her Sorrows — Her Reflections on them — Her Last Wish — Affiliation of the Sisters to the Congregation of Sisters of Charity — Spirit of an Order — The Noviciate — The Seminary — Form of Government — Number of Sisters — Graces given to the Older in Modern Times — Its Foundation in England 240 ORDER OF OUR LADY OF MERCY. Antiquity of the Name — St. Peter Nolasco — The Fourth Vow — New Calls for Help — 1825 — Katherine McAuley — Her Good Works — Opposition — The Archbishop of Dublin — The Idea of the new Order — Miss McAuley's Noviciate — The Rule — The End the Order had in View — Interior Spirit — Form of Government — Ceremony of receiving the White Veil — Professions — Form of Vows — Character of Katherine McAuley — Her wise Government — Her one Great Desire — Confirmation of the Rule — Close of Mother McAuley's Life — Progress of the Order — Foundations in the Colonies — The Crimean Hospitals 301 CONGREGATION OF THE NURSING SISTERS OF OUR LADY OF HELP. The Usefulness of the Orders of Nursing Sisters — Qualifications required from Postulants — Their Duties at the Sick Bed — Minuteness of their Rule — The Spirit in which they must Act — Ceremony of their Clothing — Form of their Vows — Difficulty of their Calling — Form of Government — Mode of Life in their Convents — Beautiful Provision for the Aged and Infirm Sisters — Exhortations of their Founder — Love for their Vocation — Motives for Encouragement — Service of the Poor — Devotion to Mary — Other Orders of Nursing Sisters — Importance of this work 314 CONGREGATION OF THE SISTERS OF MARY AND JOSEPH FOR PRISONS. Prison Work — The Sisters of St. Joseph — Foundation of this Congregation — Its End — Noviciate and Vows — The Rule — Houses of Refuge — Name of the Institute — The Spirit in which the Sisters should act — The Prison of St. Lazare 326 CONGREGATION OF THE BLIND SISTERS OF ST. PAUL. This Order quite Unique — Its Foundation — Two Classes of Sisters — The Blind Asylum — The Sympathy we all feel for the Blind — The Perpetual Cloister — St. Paul's Blindness — New Year's Day — Content of the Sisters 331 CONGREGATION OF THE HELPERS OF THE HOLY SOULS. Devotion to the Souls in Purgatory — The Foundress of this Order — All Souls'Day — The Five Signs — Too much Money — The Cure $ Are — The Order is began — The First Trials — Work of the Sisters — Their Rule — Progress of the Institute — Conclusion 335 Digitized by Google.
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