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Revelations of divine love, recorded by Julian, anchoress at Norwich, A.D. 1373, a version from the ms. in the British Museum.

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Revelations of divine love, recorded by Julian, anchoress at Norwich, A.D. 1373, a version from the ms. in the British Museum.
Original Title Revelations of divine love, recorded by Julian, anchoress at Norwich, A.D. 1373, a version from the ms. in the British Museum.
Author Julian, of Norwich, 1343-, Warrack, G. (Grace Harriet), 1855-1932
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Topics Love — Religious Aspects — Christianity — Early Works To 1800, Devotional Literature, English (Middle), Devotional Literature
Publisher Methuen &amp, Co.: London
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CONTENTS I. Note on Manuscripts and Editions of this Book xi II. Note as to two Julians xv III. Introduction: — Part I. The Lady Julian xvii Part II. The Manner of the Book xxxiii Part III. The Theme of the Book iv IV. “Revelations of Divine Love”:— (Editorial Account)Chapter I. A List of Contents, called “A Particular of the Chapters” i II.-III. Autobiographical 3 IV.-IX. The First Revelation : The Trinity is shewn, through the Suffering of Christ, as Goodness, or Lore all-working 8 X. The Second Revelation : Man’s Sight of God’s Love is but partial because of sin’s darkness 21 XI. The Third Revelation: All Being is Being of God and is good : Sin is no Being 16 XII. The Fourth Revelation: The stain of sin through lacking of human love is cleared away by the Death of Christ in His Love 19 XIII. The Fifth Revelation: By Love’s Sacrifice, in Christ, the evil suffered, for Love’s Increase, to rise, is overcome for ever 30 XIV. The Sixth Revelation: The travail of Man against evil on earth is a glory accepted by Love in Heaven 33 XV. The Seventh Revelation: It if of God’s Will, for our learning, that on earth we change between joy of light and pain of darkness 34 XVI.-XXI. The Eighth Revelation: Of the oneness of God and Man in the Passion of Christ, through Compassion of the Creature with Christ and of Christ with the Creature. All compassion in men is Christ in men 36 XXII.-XXIII. The Ninth Revelation : Of the worshipful entering of Man’s soul into the Joy of Lore Divine in the Passion 46 XXIV. Tht Tenth Revelation: Of the thankful entering of the soul into the Peace of the Endless Love opened up for Man in the time of the Passion 51 XXV. The Eleventh Revelation: Of Christ’s Raising, Fulfilling Lore to the souls of men, as beheld in the love between Him and His Mother 52 XXVI. The Twelfth Revelation: All that the soul lives by and loves is God, through Christ 54 XXVII.-XL. The Thirteenth Revelation: Man’s finite love was suffered by Infinite Love to fall, that falling thus through sin into pain and death of darkness, the creature therein might more deeply know his need and more highly know, in its succouring strength, the Creator’s Love, as the Saviour’s , that so being raised, and for ever held clinging to that through the grace of the Holy Ghost, he might rise to fuller and higher and endless oneness with God 55 XLI.-XLIII. The Fourteenth Revelation: Beginning on earth, Prayer makes the soul one with God 84 XLIV.-LXIII. Regarding these Revelations and the Christian Life of Love’s travail on earth against sin 93 LXIV.-LXV. The Fifteenth Revelation (Closing): Of Love’s Fulfilment in Heaven 159 LXVI. Autobiographical: The fall through frailty of nature, by self-regarding, into doubt of the Shewing of Lore , the rescue by mercy , the assaying of faith and the overcoming by grace 164LXVII.-LXVIII. The Sixteenth Revelation (Confirming): The Indwelling of God in the Soul, now and for ever. “Thou shall net be overcome” 167LXIX. Autobiographical: The second assaying of faith, through the horror of spiritual darkness, the overcoming by virtue of the Passion of Christ, with help from the Common Belief of the Christian Fellowship 170 LXX.-LXXXV. The Life of Faith is kept by Charity, led on by Hope 172LXXXVI. The Meaning of the Whole. Of learning more on earth and In Heaven of the One thing taught in the Revelation : the Endless Love , in Which Life is everlasting 202 V. Postscript by an early Transcriber of the Manuscript 204 VI. Glossary 205 The Title-page Is from a design by Phoebe Anna Traquair. Digitized by Google.
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