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Rhymes à la mode

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Rhymes à la mode
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Rhymes à la mode

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Author: Lang, Andrew, 1844-1912

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Language: eng

Subjects: Poetry

Publishers: London, Kegan Paul, Trench & Co.

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Year: 1885

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License: Public Domain Mark 1.0

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Rhymes à la mode

April 3, 2022

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Rhymes à la mode

April 3, 2022

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Rhymes à la mode
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CONTENTS Ballade Dedicatory vii The Fortunate Islands 3 The New Millennium 15 Almae Matres 23 Desiderium 27 Rhymes a la Mode Ballade of Middle Age 31 The Last Cast Twilight Ballade of Summer 38 Ballade of Christmas Ghosts 40 Love’s Easter 42 Ballade of the Girton Girl 43 Ronsard’s Grave 45 San Terenzo 48 Romance 50 Ballade of his own Country 52 Villanelle 55 Triolets after Moschus 57 Ballade of Cricket 59 The Last Maying 61 Homeric Unity 65 In Tintagel 66 Pisidics 68 From the East to the West 71 Love the Vampire 72 Ballade of the Book-man’s Paradise 74 Ballade of a Friar 76 Ballade of Neglected Merit 78 Ballade of Railway Novels 80 The Cloud Chorus 82 Ballade of Literary Fame 85 Νήνεμος Αἰών 87 Art 89 A very woful Ballade of the Art Critic 91 Art’s Martyr 94 The Palace of Bric-h-Brac 97 Rondeaux of the Galleries 100 Science The Barbarous Bird-Gods 105 Man and the Ascidian 110 Ballade of the Primitive Jest 113 Cameos 115 Cameos 117 Helen on the Walls 118 The Isles of the Blessed 119 Death 121 Nysa Colonus. (I.) 123 „ (II.) 124 The Passing of AEdipous 125 The Taming of Tyro 126 To Artemis 127 Criticism of Life 128 Amaryllis 129 The Cannibal Zeus 130 Invocation of Isis 132 The Coming of Isis 133 The Spinet 134 Notes 135 Digitized by Google.

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