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RoboCup-98 : Robot Soccer World Cup II

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RoboCup-98 : Robot Soccer World Cup II
Original Title RoboCup-98 : Robot Soccer World Cup II
Author RoboCup-98 (1998 : Paris, France), Asada, Minoru, Kitano, Hiroaki, 1961-
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Topics Robotics, Artificial intelligence, Soccer
Publisher Berlin , New York : Springer
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RoboCup-98: Robot Soccer World Cup IIAuthor: Minoru Asada, Hiroaki Kitano Published by Springer Berlin Heidelberg ISBN: 978-3-540-66320-1 DOI: 10.1007/3-540-48422-1Table of Contents:Overview of RoboCup-98
Character Design for Soccer Commentary
Automatic Soccer Commentary and RoboCup
Rocco: A RoboCup Soccer Commentator System
The CMUnited-98 Champion Simulator Team
The CMUnited-98 Champion Small-Robot Team
The CS Freiburg Robotic Soccer Team: Reliable Self-Localization, Multirobot Sensor Integration, and Basic Soccer Skills
The Survey of RoboCup’ 98: Who, How and Why
How to Make a Challenging AI Course Enjoyable Using the RoboCup Soccer Simulation System
A Quadruped Robot for RoboCup Legged Robot Challenge in Paris ’98
Robot Soccer with LEGO Mindstorms
Ball-Receiving Skill Dependent on Centering in Soccer Simulation Games
The Priority/Confidence Model as a Framework for Soccer Agents
A User Oriented System for Developing Behavior Based Agents
From Play Recognition to Good Plays Detection
Inductive Verification and Validation of the KULRoT RoboCup Team
Layered and Resource-Adapting Agents in the RoboCup Simulation
A Description-Processing System for Soccer Agents and NIT Stones 98
Using an Explicit Teamwork Model and Learning in RoboCup: An Extended Abstract
A Hybrid Agent Model, Mixing Short Term and Long Term Memory AbilitiesIncludes bibliographical references and index
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