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Rocket propulsion elements

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Rocket propulsion elements
Original Title Rocket propulsion elements
Author Sutton, George Paul, Biblarz, Oscar
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Topics propellant, rocket, thrust, nozzle, propulsion, chamber, gas, liquid, flow, pressure, solid propellant, propellant rocket, liquid propellant, specific impulse, rocket propulsion, thrust chamber, propulsion system, heat transfer, chamber pressure, rocket engine, Rocket engines
Publisher Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley
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Rocket Propulsion Elements, 8th Edition by Oscar Biblarz, George P. SuttonIncludes bibliographical references and indexClassification — Definitions and fundamentals — Nozzle theory and thermodynamic relations — Flight performance — Chemical rocket propellant performance analysis — Liquid propellant rocket engine fundamentals — Liquid propellants — Thrust chambers — Liquid propellant combustion and its stability — Turboprops and their gas supplies — Engine systems, controls, and integration — Solid propellant rocket fundamentals — Solid propellants — Solid propellant combustion and its stability — Solid rocket components and motor design — Hybrid propellant rockets — Electric propulsion — Thrust vector control — Selection of rocket propulsion systems — Rocket exhaust plumes — Rocket testing
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